My Friend is Dead

My Friend is Dead. On September 4th 2001, he was shot and killed by the FBI.
My friends name was Grover, but friends called him Tom. He was the owner of a small campground in the rolling hills of southern Michigan and one of the nicest kindest persons I've ever met. He said I could come and stay free anytime and bring my other friends as well. He held sometimes concerts at the campgrounds on weekends, some of them were declared "Hempfests", others were holiday celebrations, birthday parties and the like. The court ordered him shut down "because he fostered an environment that was conducive to drug dealing." Not that he dealt drugs, but that it had occurred during concerts on his property. The police came to arrest him for refusing to close down his business, as ordered by the court. Tom's real crime was openly expressing his view that marijuana should be legal for spiritual, medicinal and even recreational uses. He allowed people that had the same beliefs to gather at his campground. He allowed people like me to practice our freedom of speech from his stage. Some people say he was a bad man, but those people are hypocrites who were judging a man by his politics only. There was not a bad bone in that man's body. I personally consider his death to be a political assassination. Is political assassination a far jump? I don't think so, he was shot in the head by a sharp-shooter who was shooting to kill!. He was a major supporter of the PRA amendment drive in Michigan, which jump started the medical movement by creating a constitutional challenge to the Feds "right" to force a prohibition upon a state against the will of it's citizens. That's the stuff that civil wars are made over, meanwhile the civil war they call the War on Drugs is raging onward and my friend is dead...

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