War on Police?Who Started it?

Sheriff David Clarke has stated, that there is a war on police. The media has picked up on it and now we will have a war on police.
Like Former President Bush learned when you call out the loony's they will come. Bush said Terrorists meet me in Iraq and see what happened...
But to be fair the War on cops is already going, and they don't like where it's leading.

The war is being fought with cameras, by citizens brave enough to photograph the police and show the world what they are seeing.
But by declaring the war on police, it allows the Police to escalate, which means shoot and kill those opposed their reign of terror against the American people aka domestic terrorists...

It seems like every day we hear about police officers shooting unarmed citizens, and family pets as well as beating people for no other reason as they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Every instance the governing authorities investigate, and in nearly every instance, find the officers not guilty of wrongdoing because they didn't break any rules or were just behaving the way they were trained to. So cops apparently have a special Bill of Rights, and simply uttering “I feared for my life” grants them exceptions to the law. It doesn’t matter if the cop put himself in such a position through “officer-created jeopardy.”

Officers are trained to shoot to kill, and keep shooting until "the suspect" is down. With semi automatic weapons that means several more shots as the "suspect" falls down. This not only increases the chances of death, but also makes sure the suspect will never get to testify about what happened in a court of law!

This shoot first ask questions later attitude and policy puts all American citizens at risk. Nowadays most officers are wearing bulletproof vests and can take a hit without much damage. Would it not be reasonable to at least require confirmation of a gun by it being fired before executing the citizen before you because he or she didn't hear or understand who they are, why they are shouting at you, or why in the hell they have violated your home at 3 am without even knocking?

You're about to watch our justice system blame 12-year-old Tamir Rice for his own murder.

Posted by Mic on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

One problem seems to be the labeling of everything as a possible weapon. If the police are going to insist that anyone with a baseball bat, golf club, pen knife or box cutter is brandishing a weapon, is giving them the opportunity to empty a dozen rounds into a citizen who in reality could not really do harm much less kill the officer. Police should be able to distinguish, non lethal weapons from fire arms. And what ever happened to shooting suspects in the leg foot or arm to subdue them?

Often officers get right up in the face of citizens, basically crowding them backwards, then when they hold up their hands, an automatic defensive position, the officer claims contact was made and arrests them for assault on a police officer. Another common problem is that officers act like they are Drill Sargents or prison guards and tend to treat citizens as prisoners in micro seconds.

A major major problem seems to be that officers are constantly afraid for their lives, which is what they are told to say every time they shoot, their weapons. Why are they so afraid?

Now the officer has his bullet proof vest, helmet, face mask, is armed with at least two guns a baton, taser, mace and or pepper spray, superior physical training and the weapon often forgotten about their car to run you off the road or run you over. Yet 9 times out of ten they pull out the gun.
Could it be that most new recruits are getting their training from a tour of Iraq or Afghanistan?
How afraid would these gangs of bullies be, if they were told they had to work a week without guns, clubs and Bullet proof vests?
They would pee their pants and hide in the barracks... but they might understand why citizens are afraid for their lives every time, they see flashing lights pulling up behind them.

One also has to wonder why they can't seem to shoot their guns, without emptying the clip? Is it because they gained their reaction reflexes from playing videos games, where it doesn't matter what else you hit, as long as a least one bullet hits the intended target?

Which brings about another disturbing trend in Law Enforcement. The latest term added to Police officers vocabulary is "collateral Damages" a military word for shooting people or destroying property that was not involved in the conflict. And it doesn't matter because they shouldn't have been hanging out near the intended target.

It seems to me that if officers use the shoot first ask questions later policies, and the blue line is not ever broken and they are not breaking the rules or are "just doing their job"; then there is something very wrong with the rules and the training. It's time we American citizens stood up and said no more, without the fear of being shot because they moved their hand too quickly.
7 Ways Police Will Break the Law, Threaten, or Lie to You to Get What they Want

Some people are not happy with this post. They says 98% of cops are good people. I know most cops are basically good or at least started that way. Unfortunately hundreds if not thousands of them are complete bully assholes that are beating and assassinating citizens for little or no reasons. These films prove that...

What about the "good cops"? they may not be doing the bulling or killing but they have this "Blue line oath to protect each other no matter what" That is how gangs operate, not Peace officers"! Until the good cops report and get rid of the bad cops, they all are the problem. I heard it easily explained recently they said 95% of the Germans were good people yet no-one stopped Hitler, even in our latest war on Islam, isn't that our position? 95% may be good people, but we need to kill them all, to get the terrorists, just collateral damages...

However the general population doesn't really need to worry. Estimates are that we may have as many as a million people working in Law enforcement, depending on what you want to count as being law enforcement. Out of fairness around 2/3's of those killed by police are black and nearly half are deaf or mentally disabled, so most of us are safe? If you work out the math only one of each thousand officers actually killed anyone, well not so true either when you consider many instances where suspects basically faced firing squads as multiple cops unloaded their clips into citizens bodies.

But still most of us have little to fear, because most of the atrocities we have seen happened in places like Texas, L.A. New York city, Chicago, of course that's where all the people are and maybe they need militarized police forces. Most of us don't to see fully armed officers with helmets face masks cruising through our neighborhoods, looking for trouble any trouble so they have an excuse to beat down someone.


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