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What is Web Station # 19?

This is the only question addressed here that the answer is constantly changing. I guess we are what we are, a place in cyberspace, an independent non profit publishing adventure, a cybermall with no shops, a place where we can express the views which we embrace Politically correct or not.

The Sleetmute Sentinel called John Galt jr a modern day Confucius with planing fairness freedom and common sense.

Hightimes Magazine called Web Station # 19 an amazing eclectic collection of stories, opinions and straight forward facts, mixed with a touch of humor and an artists flair.

We were here before facebook, before sodahead, before twitter ever existed. Since we have been on the web since 1995, it means basically we were the worlds first Blog.
The difference? Everybody can view my page because we don't have any 1000k pages that take forever to load and are nearly impossible to navigate or search.

When I was barely a teenager I saw a bumper sticker that read "Question Everything" That hit a note with me and made sense. So I have spent the last thirty five years questioning everything. What is printed in these pages before you are the questions I tackled, as well as the answers and conclusions I have come to believe in

When I started this publishing adventure, the original Web Station #19 was stored on 5 1/2 inch floppy disk.
Along the way we made an art gallery, posted bad poetry, hosted presidential campaigns, and even promoted concerts, and held protests and rallies. In June 1998, we were named favorite thing in the Hightimes Hemp 100 by High Times readers. Web Station #19 remained on that list for over a year. Times changed people moved on but we stayed at aol until they decided to longer host web pages. I moved what I could to the new site at (http://webstation19.8k.com) In January of 2017 the site was forced to move by the server and now exists at webstation19.itgo.com

The collective works here represent the several writers working independently and the comments of hundreds of others. Much of the site is humorous, some is reference, most of it true, some embellished, some just plain fiction...

What currently is here is basically a mirror site that originally appeared on aol. Plus another 8 years of thoughts It talks about politics, drugs, and greatly bashes our worst president ever. While the discussions here are referring to 1980 - 2010 it sad to say that everything is still current, nothing has been fixed, and even sadder if you go back and read about the sixties and seventies the same problems remain no matter how many millions of people point out the obvious, there are still those oblivious... We call them Congress. Our foremost purpose at this point is to make sure America never forgets what happened at Rainbow farm.

When I first discovered the web, it was a wondrous place, where a person could go and find just about anything one desired. All you had to do was go to your favorite search engine and enter a couple of key words to match your mood, and in just seconds you were off to an art gallery, a reference library or a far away place. They called it surfing in those days and a good surf could often carry you away for six even eight hours, all for free...
Enter capitalism, cookies, pop ups, ad banners, fake search engines, redirects and mis-directs. Web sites come and web sites go and when they go, you get 404 errors or pornographers buy up the web address and sites that formally promoted Steven Gaskin for president are now devoted to college girls engaged in kinky sex.

The goal of this site is to provide entertainment, information and a real surf into realms unknown in a fast loading format. This is why we have low graphics and over 500 htm files and around a thousand off site links, which I try to carefully monitor to assure they still go where I expect them to go... Many of these places you'll never get to from a search engine.

What's here?

You will however find all kinds of stuff to read and to look at..
We have Art, Humor, Politics, Music, Activism, Poetry, news, prolix tales, information archives and lots and lots of opinions...

Why do we do it?
We do it because we can, first amendment and all that stuff.
We do it because we want to share the fact that you can have opinions which are different from the status quo
What's all this Marijuana and war on drugs stuff about?

In any given subject topic there are usually several different viewpoints, In our current political situation only two are expressed very loudly, that of the Republican party and that of the Democratic party, which more and more are exactly the same and we now know as Republicrats...
Especially on the "drug problem". Which leaves anyone who has any different opinions out in the cold. We present those different view points along with the people opinions and facts... something that the government's arguments completely ignore... Outlawing hemp makes as much sense as outlawing cotton, well actually less if you're up on that topic. Prohibition of smoking pot makes as much sense as outlawing masturbation, well they did that too...
The real point here is that we don't need Big Mother make personal, cultural decisions for us. Did they have to pass a law to get sky divers to use parachutes? We can't be free and expect to prohibit everything that offends someone else. So Yes there is a lot of stuff here about Marijuana...

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