Seatbelt laws?

I understand why we have seat belts, they can in fact save lives, but is it the duty of government to save lives? After all, the end all for everybody is eventually death. Without death, the population problems would be much worse... What does not make any sense to me is seat belt tickets. As far as tickets go, speeding used to be my number one vice and I am willing to admit that the more often and the faster you go, the higher likelihood that you will hurt yourself and others.
I have always been suspicious of the motives behind seat belts, when the only thing exempt was Buses, when the first reason behind all regulations is for the sake of the kids, save the children, protect the children...

But they don't need seat belts on Buses?
SO Why?
It would apply to Regular Service buses as well, at the time the laws were passed it was said that it would be to expensive, to retrofit every bus in the country, unless we wanted to raise taxes...
Truth is Seat belts would slow down their service, with people getting in and out of them. Especially if they (seat belts) were there because you know they would pass a law saying you could leave until everyone is buckled... So the safety of children takes a back seat.
Now I find myself ticketed four times in the past couple of years for not using seat belts.
I was caught when I rolled up to a DUI checkpoint. I was caught once by an officer, standing at a red light,
with a walkie talkie calling head to officers down the road to weed out dangerous seat belt violations.
Once by an officer, who claimed I didn't signal my turn soon enough and discovered my blatant violation of being not belted.
I see in my news feed that now cops are posing as homeless panhandlers to catch the dangerous people who are not wearing seat belts?

Once I was pulled over by an officer that pulled me over for suspected DUI, and after long Interrogation and road side testing that I was in fact, just too tired to be driving. Which I believe is a much greater problem, than not wearing a seat belt.
But apparently not against the law...

So what is my point today? I don't wear seat belts because I find them uncomfortable, I injured my back, 30 some years ago and have to shift my body around frequently to be comfortable. I am a fairly safe driver with well over a million miles under my belt and I haven't killed myself or anyone else, so why can't the government leave me alone?
There are two primary reasons that I see: Income enhancement for localities through fines and another excuse to violate my privacy while driving.

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