Terrorism Real or Fabricated?

Based on article By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts appearing in Global Research, November 23, 2010

I went to buy Kerosene, the other day and I found out because of the perceived increase in terrorism that now you have to show ID and sign a sales log when purchasing kerosene. It seems that Kerosene is the terrorist fuel of choice for blowing people up...
How do we know? The Government told us so.

The war on terror is real, we are spending billions of dollars to prevent Americans from being the victims of terror. The rational of the war on terror is that we have to pre-emptively attack citizens of other countries based on the belief that those certain citizens have a grudge or hate our country enough to possibly, take up some sort of arms and attack the USA sometime in the future. That alone defines everything that is wrong with this non-winnable war.

The war on terror comes in two flavors, the domestic war on terror is costing billions to enforce, they say it's working because we haven't had a terrorist attack since 9/11...

Is the threat of terror and the war on terror is eroding civil rights and creating terrorists, out of thin air? The reality of the situation is that the United States of America has had only four unconnected terrorist attacks on our soil. Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma City, Atlanta Olympics and 9/11. Unless you count Waco, Ruby ridge and Rainbow farms Campground.

John Pistole, Head of the Transportation Security Administration said on July 1 2010, that protecting trains and subways from terrorist attacks will be as high a priority for him as air travel. Is it is difficult to imagine open air bus stops turned into security zones, inspecting passengers before they board they board a bus or train? How far are we from roadblocks on city streets, highways and interstates to check cars for bombs?

Wake up it's already here. Last September agents from Homeland Security, TSA, and the US Department of Transportation, assisted by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, conducted a counter-terrorism operation on busy Interstate 20 just west of Atlanta, Georgia. The operation required all trucks to stop to be screened for bombs. Federal agents used dogs, screening devices, and a large drive-through bomb detection machine. Imagine what the delays like this would bring as they set up all over the country and what the costs? Products moving from one coast to another might be stopped several times along the way. So much for delivery schedules and fresh fruit and vegetables.

With such expensive counter-terrorism activities, both in terms of the taxpayers’ money and civil liberties, one would think that bombs were going off all over America. There has not been a successful terrorist act since 9/11, and thousands of independent experts doubt the government’s explanation of that event. Subsequent domestic terrorist events have turned out to be FBI sting operations in which FBI agents organize not-so-bright disaffected members of society and lead them into displaying interest in participating in a terrorist act. Once the FBI agent, pretending to be a terrorist, succeeds in prompting all the right words to be said and captured on his hidden recorder, the “terrorists” are arrested and the “plot” exposed.
I can see it clearly, it goes something like this.
An uncover FBI agent hanging out at the local mosque, hookah lounge, Local Islamic community center.

Agent: Hi my name is Fred, how you doing?
Citizen: I'm okay do I know you?
Agent: No, whats your name?
Citizen: My name is Mohammad, do you want something?
Agent: just hanging out trying to make new friends.
Agent: Hey, do you ever get mad?
Citizen: What you mean to say to me?
Agent: You know pissed off, angry?
Citizen: Not Really.
Agent: ah come on what if some one cuts you off in traffic don't you get angry?
Citizen: well, I suppose.
Agent: What about when stares at you girlfriend or say bad thing about you mother?
Agent: won't it be really cool if you could just blow assholes up when they pissed you off?
Citizen: Well there is this one guy.
Agent: Yeah Yeah
Citizen: My mechanic, every time I take my car there, he says $50 - 100 to fix and when I come to pick up $200, $300 $400.
Citizen: ah but what can you do?
Agent: You could blow him up.
Citizen: You mean like with a bomb? I don't know nothing about bombs.
Agent: I got a guy, its practically like a kit, just add some kitchen supplies and a timer and boom.
Citizen: I could never kill anyone.
Agent: who said kill, we can blow something like his car or his business...
Citizen: Yes, I can teach him a lesson, teach him not to rip off a fellow of faith. Get me a bomb.
Agent: So what you are saying is you would like to purchase a bomb to terrorize, a guy that done you wrong?
Citizen: Yes I will do it.
Agent: You want a little bomb or a big one?
Six months later Mohammad and three of his friends are convicted for plotting a terrorist attack...

The very fact that the FBI has to orchestrate fake terrorism proves the absence of real terrorists. If Al Qaeda was anything like the organization that the US government claims, it would not be focused on trivial targets such as passenger airliners. Imagine the propaganda value of an announcement that every member of the federal government from the President was in line to be assassinated.

Think about it. Would a terror organization capable of outwitting all 16 US intelligence agencies, all intelligence agencies of US allies including Israel’s Mossad, the National Security Council, NORAD, air traffic control, the Pentagon, and airport security four times in one hour give up after a single attack, and how could you possibly stop them from doing it again?

International terrorists

Our battle against international terrorists has been focused on Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and Bin Ladin in Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Trillions of dollars spent to protect Americans from Saddam who has been dead for close to ten years now and the illusive Bin Ladin?

Two brothers named Amjad and Ammar are herding goats in the mountains near, the border of of Turkmenistan. They have set camp for the evening, Amjad is roasting a small rabbit over the open fire. Ammar has had a bit to drink, and says, "Brother do you think Allah will protect us from the evil American empire?" Amjad says, "quiet you drunken fool the skies have ears" 120 miles in the sky An American spy satellite hums and whirls. Twenty minutes later, a drone kills them both and liberates, their goats from an unholy lifestyle and America is two men closer to winning the war on terror...

So what will step three against terrorism be? Obviously we need to be protected from the terrorist activities of extra terrestrials, isn't about time we deploy missiles to destroy any thing that moves about the stars before they get us? I'm sure the middle class can afford a few trillion dollars to make sure were safe.

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