Some people have asked why I am not going after Trump like I did Clinton, Bush and Obama. Well if you check your calendars for those keeping score; I left them alone for the first 3 months to give them a chance. Plus I didn't mind being on their lists, Trump fights back and he will take on anyone.

He wants to bring back jobs like in the 1950's. Job long long gone. But with tarrifs and excise taxes we can make anything so expensive, we can build it here again. Part of his plan appears to be to bully his rich friends into creating jobs, make the ones who claim to be "job creators" create jobs. Novel Idea
The problem beyond the fact that the jobs went elsewhere is that many have gone to technology and robotics. Such as it is, will be good for the economy. More wars will not. So what does he do re-creates jobs that have replaced by technology in the military, creates an outer space force so we can fight in space against whom? It doesn't matter. Then raises the military budget to all time record highs. Are we under attack somewhere?

That being said Donald Trump isnít motivated by protecting liberal democracy or freedom, his sole ideology is Trumpism: corporate autocracy with a populist facade. To keep up the facade is has to keep campaigning, one has to wonder how much of the showman he remains. He is easily bored and surrounds himself with white nationalists even more hostile to liberal democracy than he is.
It's possible that he knows his term is doomed to be very limited and just wants to screw up as many things as possible before he gets bounced out on his ass. He is a paranoid buffoon and either believes everything he says is true or knows the real truth, that everything we know are just a game. Trumps game of choice has been the Stock Market, now he is in such a position as to where he could send parts or all of the stock market up and down just by running his mouth. How is he going to handle that super power?

He has already upgraded the title of leader of the free world to Leader of the world, and now has dared anyone and everyone to knock the chip from his shoulder. What we don't need is a huge Defense budget increase, So let us throw 60 million dollars worth of bombs at Syria because we can't stand by while someone kills his own people, if in fact he did. And the free patriots cheer him onward. The truth is from the man who said he doesn't trust US Intell, doesn't know any more about what happened than I do, unless he was in on the planning? Soon he will find out that Assad, is not Vince McMahon.

While he acts like a spoiled, semi-informed, racist misogynistic king, who says things that are either crazy, lies, offensive, or incoherent, be certain that he has plans big plans. As incompetent and short sighted as he appears to be, he has to know that his presidency is likely short lived and he will do as much as he can as fast as he can. obviously one is to get really rich and based on his performance so far and his appointments. I think he is trying to bring down the federal government one agency at a time and sad as it sounds I would support that movement. Stay Tuned.

Now a year later I say that Donald Trump perhaps delusional, thinks he is on a reality show based on the game Risk, sadder still he is right.

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