Presents Presidential Election Auction 2016

America's Favorite Game show,
Where the candidate that spends the most money on advertising propaganda, gets to run a country for 4 years!!!

Americans, real Americans, it's time to rise up and seize the power.
The Democrats are split into Hillary and Never Hillary.
The Republicans are split between Trump and No Trump!

With the Democrats and the Republican Parties both split, there is no guarantee, which way this election could go.
Third Parties this is your best chance in decades to once again become part of the problem instead of the bystanders.

For those who still understand math 1/2 of republicans + 1/2 the Democrats plus 1/2 the Americans that vote third party or don't vote = A HUGE Majority.

Who are we going to elect?

The 2016 Election

Election 2016 Two toddlers fighting over a sand box full of cat shit...

Hillary Clinton Running For President!!
People has asked me, other than being a Democrat what I have against Hillary?
For starts a Long time Washington insider, who always guarantees she will do what's good for Hillary.
There are all those conspiracy theories, and with Benghazi fiasco, disappearing confidants and even the email thing, there has to be a bit of truth in there some where?
But most I would have to say it's because of her whole entitlement personification.
She deserves to be Queen, I mean President, She deserves to be the First Woman President as it was ordained by her herself 50 years ago...
Just reminds me of a Welfare queen except she gets millions of dollars.

Donald Trump is running for president,
Why would Republicans Support him? Why would anybody? Blind faith perhaps, maybe it's just the WWE fans?

His campaigns seems to be elect a prick bully and see what happens
The questions Americans need to answer are:
Do we really want a president that always looks pissed off?
Do we want a president who doesn't know about "inside voices"
Do we want a President whose only political experience is bribing officials?
Although the Democrats and Republicans have been doing it for years, do we really want to elect a candidate who openly claims that he will ride a wave of the un-educated and ignorant voters to the White House?

The best reason ever for not voting for Trump or Clinton?
A year from now if they are elected and the shit hits the fan, you can say I didn't vote for him or her...

"Bernie Sanders is running for president: I honestly can't say that I strongly disagree with most of his platform or ideas. 90% matches my platform. Difference His Free College plan. Very old idea, Clinton campaigned on it and claimed to have achieved 98% to college goal. The problem being with people graduating from high school with no skills like; math, reading and writing. Many people are just not college material and to set them up for further disappointments not only wasteful but is cruel as well.

So why not Bernie?
I. HE is 75 years old, He would die in office.
II. He has been in Washington for like 50 years, his ideas are 40 years old and no-one listens to him.
III. If he gets elected nothing will change, because, he is a Democrat,That is to say, he is flying the Democratic party Banner, which represents the vast machinery of corruption, that we are trying to be rid of, He is selling the same used car that Clinton and Obama did to get elected and it's always Party first with these career politicians.
He has more than his fifteen minutes, it's time to retire and hand the baton to the younger generations, good bye Bernie

Jesse Ventura was quoted as saying he would run for president if Bernie dropped out, I guess he was just flapping his lips

Green Party Who is up next?
Jill Stein Running for Green Party
Jill Stein is the activist Candidate. She has been campaigning on the front lines, and has faced arrest a number of times because she is running a campaign for president. I think there is Something un-American about arresting and Jailing Candidates. She is talking about ending the wars foreign and domestic. A vote for Jill is a vote against the coalition of the Democrats and Republicans that have been taking away our rights for the past 50 years. Jill is the hope that we can escape from the republicrates and their ridiculous policies. They tell you a vote for Jill is a wasted vote because she can't possibly win. No third party candidate has ever won right?
Have we forgotten Abraham Lincoln already? Who says a write in or third party candidate can't win?
The Democrats and the Republicans that's who, and they only represent half of all Americans, It's time for the other half to get our chance to show them how a free society is run. Common belief is that only a Democrat or Republican can win an election. The office of President of the USA has also been held by members of The Federalist Party, the Democratic Republican party, (yes they used to be one), and the Whig Party. 60 years ago, common belief was that no woman or black person would ever be president, that no catholic could ever be president. Today we scoff that any common man could be president. You must be a college graduated Lawyer to get elected right? Then along comes JFK, No black man will ever win then along came Barrack Obama and got elected using 75% of my previous campaigns. Everybody says that a bearded man can not be elected? Hasn't happened in 120 years but every president from Grant to Chester Arthur wore a beard. Will a bartender, or a tailor, or a hundred pound weakling, or a cripple ever be president? Already Happened Abraham Lincoln was a licensed Bartender, Andrew Johnson was a tailor, Andrew Jackson was 5 foot four inches and never weighed over a hundred pounds. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was confined to a wheelchair. They say an obese person can not be elected yet William Taft was well over 300 pounds! And who would have thought that a Movie star could be elected before Reagan took the White House?
Someday if this country survives, we will have a woman president, we will have a Mormon President, we will have a Latino President, will will have an Asian-american president and someday we will have a Muslim President. Some argue that it has already happened...
So when someone says that it just can't happen, because it never has before, just tell them that before George bush jr,
the Supreme court never decided an election. Vote for Jill because she is the only opportunity for real change.
Libertarian Party
Gary Johnson is running
Evan McMullin is running as an "independent Republican"
Austin Peterson is running

Ronald Gascon is still running the longest campaign in history
That's me, So what sets me apart?
They all seem to be going after the coveted voters that traditionally vote Democrat or Republican.
This is where I set myself apart I am looking for 60 million people who usually don't vote, those who are open to radical change, of an evolutionary, if not revolutionary changes. I present the issues and creative out of the box solutions, that make the Republicrates cringe.

Mike Mark running an independent campaign
Jimmy McMillan is Running
He wants to lower rents, and legalize Prostitution. another candidate I have no problem with...

Tom Hoefling is running with "the American Party"
Micheal David Elder is running
James Arthur Hedges is running with the Prohibition Party
Da Vid is running for the Light Party
Andy Ablo is running as an independent with a Libertarian platform
Tami Stainfield has an independent campaign

In all I have discovered 330 2016 candidates for POTUS with websites
Many of them don't even list any issues or solutions, kind of vote for me and see what happens... Many of them present issues and solutions that are politics as usual.
The rest of the candidates

Ted Cruz was running for president. Quitter Canadian from Texas, Republican, not much else needs to be said.
John Kasich running for president. Quitter From a Republican point of view, he would best represent the Republicans. He is the only one of the dozen that hasn't made a complete ass of himself during the primaries.

Ben Carson, famed neurosurgeon, was running for president another quitter

Marco Rubio tried to run

Rand Paul Quitting for now...

Rick Perry

Scott Walker was running but is Ted Cruz's bitch now

Jeb Bush Quitter

Carly Fiorina was Running for President. yet another quitter

Other important sites to visit

Get Out Of Our House
Vote Out Now
Kick Them All Out
Fire the government

which leaves the rest of third parties and well the infamous log shot write in candidates.
Can one of them win?
I still believe yes. Are you sick of politics as usual?

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