I have followed the past six presidential races closely, it seems apparent to me that all the news services, both in print and online have completely lost the focus of what an election is supposed to be about. I always thought elections were about issues and electing the candidate that supports your issues...
The issues the media usually covers are polls and fundraising, and in doing so are predicting that those who raise the most cash are the forerunners and that every person in every state will vote the same way they did in the last election. Perhaps this is true, if so it is a sad statement on the state of politics in America and Trump will be our next president.

So is there a choice between the Democrats and the Republicans?
They take the opposing positions on any issue that will never be settled and then they both do whatever they want once in office.
The powers that be have already decided and declared that the three issues for election 2016 are again the Economy, The war on Terror, and Health Care

Q: what about the Economy?
The economy was devastated by the Bush agenda and we will be paying for his follies for hundreds of years, now it continues during the Obama term with business as usual. Trillions of dollars for wars and bailouts for the companies that directly and admittedly caused the situation we are still in.

The War on Terror?
The rational of the war on terror is that we have to pre-emptively attack citizens of other countries based on the belief that those certain citizens have a grudge or hate our country enough to possibly, take up some sort of arms and attack the USA sometime in the future. That alone defines everything that is wrong with this non-winnable war.
Bush started a hundred years war, not over until all our enemies, every where in the world have been exterminated.
The Democrats position is, while Bush had no right to start this war we have to see it through. What that means It doesn't matter who is elected more of our youth will die fighting an invisible foe, the economy is still in the toilet, and the only good news is that the draft will stay on hold as poverty has proven to be the greatest back door draft ever available...

I had said that the biggest issues continue to be campaign finance reform and the selling out of our government officials to corporations and special interest groups. Therefore those who are raising the most money, are the ones we should not be voting for, they are selling their souls for something and you can bet it's not for the benefit of the common man, more likely the rich and powerful.

However, I am changing my position slightly for the 2k16 election cycle. Now I believe that the greatest issue we as American Citizens face is the total erosion of Civil Rights. Too many citizens are being robbed of their right to a fair trial as Police continue to execute citizens in our streets. Too many citizens are being killed or maimed during "no Knock raids". Too many citizens are being caught up in Roadblocks, and too many subjected to forced blood draws for using products that are legal. Too many citizens are having their homes, cars cash and other property because police have been given the power to steal just about anything, with out even filing charges.

The prime reasons behind all this madness? Other than police profiteering (formally know as Piracy) is to take away the voting rights of non-conformists and to keep the private prisons for profit full.

So the question is, "Are there any issues for the common man?
What about Campaign finance reform, Tax reform, a peaceful conclusion of the war on drugs, and the related issues of medical marijuana, and the erosion of our civil liberties?
What about prison overcrowding with non-violent citizens due to mandatory sentencing and three strikes laws?

What about global climate change, air and water pollution.
What about spending millions of dollars on failed missions to mars, while the numbers of homeless increase daily?

What about the ever growing presence of American troops at or near every possible conflict, is it really our duty to police the world?

Which brings us back to the media, that seems to care more about who is raising the most money, yet at the same time they decline to inform us of just who is donating all those millions of dollars. Certainly it's not the millions of Americans who are now classified as the working poor because they are trapped in minimum wage jobs with no relief in sight...

My question to you is What have our current representatives done?

Questions Answers?

44 questions with John's possible solutions

Federal Budget
Term Limits
Drug Policy Issues,
Social Security
Campaign Finance and Government Reforms
Afghanistan and Iraq
Military Issues
Work Conditions
Environmental Issues
Alternative Energy Issues
Health Issues
Educational System and Aid
Patriot Act
Welfare Issues,
Drinking Age Issues
Animal Rights

Q: What is the most important issue in Election 2016?
A: That every incumbent in a federal government be replaced for being involved in The Bush witch hunts, as well as the Obama giveaways in the largest corporate welfare handouts in History
Nobody said stop, wait think these things through. Nobody tried to slow them down until it was too late...

Re-elect No one in 2016

Campaign Finance and Government Reform Issues

Second biggest issue is the twin issues of campaign finance reform and the selling out of our government officials to corporations and special interest groups. Those who are raising the most money are the ones we should not be voting for, they are selling their souls for something and you can bet it's not for the benefit of the common man. Campaign Reforms are the first two words forgotten by all politicians right after an election.
I support the separation of corporations and government, effectively banning all political contributions from any corporate entity. We need new laws to limit the powers and scopes of corporate involvement in community and politics. Corporations are not people, they do not have the right to vote, so it follows that they shouldn't be allowed to influence politics. On the flip side, what are they getting?
Laws that favor giant corporations. Huge bureaucratic corporations have bled this country dry of it's small businesses. The individual businessman doesn't stand a chance against a giant corporation on any playing field from sales to advertising to legal battles. The result is almost always the squashing of the small business man. I see no reason whatsoever why the government should continually bail out these companies through corporate welfare, handouts, low interest loans and tax credits while at the same time our government does little or nothing to support small business.

Q: What about Term Limits?

2. Last time Term Limits came up, they were shot down as well in an amazing shell game, where everyone gets to support it but flushed it anyway. While Term limits are arguably most undemocratic in nature and rightly so, it seems that it would take away the peoples choice to elect the same morons into office over and over, but the truth is if we can't have Campaign reform we need Term limits and the yellow bellies currently controlling the future of our country will not do a damn thing to change the status quo as long as it keeps them in power and cash, so I would support imposing an accumulative twenty year life time term limits on federally elected or appointed officials.

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Social Security

Q: What should be done about Social Security System?
A: The Social Security Systems problems are inherent of the basic pyramid plan scheme that Social Security is...
I personally believe that Social Security should be allowed to shrivel up and die and be replaced with personal security accounts in banks as laid out in the Goodwill Bill. It's what they used to call savings. I personally think that forced savings is an insult, but if the people have no willpower... However many people think that this would be cruel and unfair to those who paid in so much and would get nothing in return. But hey, are these not the same exact people who stood back and did nothing as the government spent our grandchildren's future? Besides even if the SSI system fails we have other nets like welfare.
The plan I would push for as President would be as follows

1. Lower the SSI withholding to 10% and double the ceiling
2. Set up individual Savings accounts for all U.S. Citizens 10% collected by the employer and direct deposited to IRA in banks at fixed rates. Monies to be untouchable, except upon 65 aged or becoming permanently or serious disabled. Accounts would be protected from lawsuits bankruptcy and seizure.
3. After ten years make SSI optional and free it from the government to exist as a publicly held insurance company and what happens after that will be dictated by the wiles of capitalism.

International Affairs

Q: What about Foreign policy?
A: Bush's foreign policy was to spend billions of dollars bombing countries, so we can help our economy helping them rebuild what we blew up!
Obama likes playing with drones, yet thousands of young men and women return from overseas without their legs. At least the prosthetic device companies are thriving...

Let's go back to traditional foreign aid where we just give generals money and let them kill their own people!
Seriously, Serious cuts to foreign aid are still needed, we just can't afford it. In the past twenty five years we have sent a billion dollars in aid to each of a at least a dozen nations. Nations like Somalia, Sudan, Haiti, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, and the list goes on and on... A billion dollars or more to each. These countries are still war torn, impoverished and no better off than they were two decades ago... The Governments here and abroad agree that most of the money just disappears without a trace, funding someone's war chest or retirement. THIS IS YOUR and your children's children's TAX MONEY, not at work. We must end irresponsible aid packages now.

Q. How would the United States, under your leadership, attempt to address the issue: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and International Terrorism?

A. A deep read into my website would uncover that I am essentially an isolationist, so none of these issues are very important to me. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is an ongoing war that has persisted for hundreds of years, it will not end and there is nothing we the people of the United States can do or that our government should do. The only peace plan that would work would be to kill everyone living in the Mideast...

I don't believe that international terrorism, is as big of a problem that the current
administration does. I believe that it is just another label for the various power struggles around the world and that the United States both directly and indirectly is responsible for most of it because of our meddling policies and now, we in fact have become the terrorists...


Q: What are the candidate’s views on the actions taken in Iraq and Afghanistan?

A: The Cost of the War in Iraq 700 billion dollars One million Iraqi citizens and over 4000 Americans DEAD. Another 32,000 Wounded. We went there to find weapons of mass destruction and to kill the evil Saddam Hussein, We bombed and destroyed the entire country. Saddam has been captured tried and hanged. Still, Advisers think the democratic self sustaining government is still along ways off.

Meanwhile back home, the federal, state and city budget deficits are soaring.
Add to that the continuing war in Afghanistan is costing almost a billion a month. We went there to find and Kill Bin Laden. Blew up the entire country, toppled the government and finally found the man. Troops to stay 5 to ten years?
That makes almost $5 billion a month for the two. And, no rational planner has yet been able to put forward a credible possible end-date for either enterprise.

Imagine how different the country and world would be today, if we had spent this same amount of money to foster economic growth at home? It has stated that we could be in Afghanistan for another ten or even fifty years, if that's what it takes. Obama wants to redirect our efforts. So no matter what our children will continue to die on foreign soil to give freedom to people who don't want it!

Q: What are the candidate's views on military funding?
A: Only in defense of the of the country and not beyond our shores and borders.

Working Conditions

Q: What actions will the candidate take to decrease the required weekly work hours?
A: Change the 40 hour work week to 32 hours

Environmental Issues

Q: What is your position on the Environment?
A: Always Earth First! I built a yard from compost, this is more than the other candidates have done together...

Alternative Energy Issues

Q: If you were to become president would you start perusing the use of alternative fuel sources for the better of the environment and economy?

A: Yes, yes yes Bicycles all around...

Q. What are your thoughts on alternative energy sources?

A: I am a fan of alternative energy sources. I think geothermal and solar are the most ignored and have the greatest potential. When most people talk about energy the conversation usually turns to automobiles, for me it turns to homes. Do you know that in the 1930's some homes and building were constructed that needed little to no heat? Envelope houses, rock energy storage (solar and geothermic together), solar heated and geothermic heating and cooling should be on top of our agenda when saving energy... Super insulated houses can be heated by body and cooking heat alone... Solar assisted systems for heating water, drying clothes and lighting of homes would also save fossil fuels. I also am anti - trucking and anti-flight, rails are a much more efficient use of energy. Along the same route I think we should support local business instead of importing goods from around the world or across the country. Full implementation of these ideas would cut fossil fuel use in half easily...

Q: What actions does the candidate plan to take in order to slow/attempt to stop the process known as global warming?

Personally I doubt that we can stop global climate change, not that we shouldn't try. What we need to do is plan how we will survive, if indeed the temperatures rise above 100 degrees year around or drops below zero for extended periods of time
In the mean time, serious promotion of people/solar/alternative/hybrid powered cars.
Particularly in cities and flat areas where they will implement the easiest.

A serious cut back on all aeronautics from Personal jets to the Air Force.
Air force jets used 5.8 billion dollars worth of jet fuel in 2006, that's about 2.6 billions gallons of fuel being burnt up in our atmosphere every year, just by the air force. If there are serious problems developing in the upper atmosphere, I would tend to look here before cow farts.

See also Global Warming and the greenhouse effects

Electric Cars?

Q:What does the candidate plan to do to promote the manufacturing of gas-electric or fully electric cars?
A: Tax credits for users of alternative energy vehicles.

Q:What steps does the candidate plan to take in order to decrease the usage of natural resources?
A: Full support of Recycling as well as Hydro/ wind/solar /geothermic power.

Education System

Q: What would you do for the Education System in the USA?
A: We could all do what our representatives in D.C. do, when faced with some of the worst schools in the country, send our children to private schools. We could also embrace home schooling. Of course the only way to provide equal education, would be for the country to have one teacher for each subject and one book for each subject. Technology gives us this option, through the internet or television, but is it really practical? Are the American people ready to accept that 90% of the knowledge that those degrees represent is available free on the internet? and all you have to do is know how to read...
A: My answer

What steps does the candidate plan to take in order to make post-secondary education more financially affordable?
Grants and loans for those deserving...

How does the candidate feel about the low wages we provide for the teachers that educate our future generations?
Not as bad as he feels for those working in restaurants for half of minimum wage.

How does the candidate plan to adjust the way in which the success of schools is measured?
Ask graduates if they can make change for a dollar and calculate taxes in their heads.

Patriot Act

What are the candidate’s views on the Patriot Act?
The Patriot act is the single most anti-capitalist, anti-freedom, anti-democratic, law ever on the books in this country. Obama promised to repeal it and has lost the trust of the American people by renewing it. One has to wonder why he would do such a thing? Big Brother stomping on the personal rights that we the people cherish

Will the candidate take any steps toward changing the Patriot Act?
A: Repeal,burn throw away

Budget and Taxes Issues

Q: How does the candidate plan to cut the tax deficit?

Says the Republican questioner...

Balance the budget, cut government waste, pork projects. Cut spending not raise taxes.

Q: what are your ideas on TAX REFORM?
A: Tax Reform we have been hearing it for over thirty years...
Yet Congress continues to think government is a growth industry and our chunks keeps rising !!!
Therefore I support the following Tax Reforms
Step 1. Free SSI from Federal Fiscal Policies
Step 2. Freeze Federal budget at 1 Trillion dollars
Step 3. Flat tax rate of 15% declining to 5% indexed against the federal debt.
Step 4. 1% Federal Gross receipts tax on all businesses
The gross receipts Tax would be used only to pay off interest and Federal Debt payments. Strictly off budget until the federal debt is paid off.
Flat tax would decline to 12% Two years after the first Balanced budget is achieved, decline to 10% when the National debt fall below 4 trillion dollars(1992 level), fall to 8% when the debt falls to 1 trillion dollars (1981 level) and settle at 5% when the debt is paid off.

With a flat tax the need for tax returns and interaction between the IRS and citizens would be minimized. Those working at hourly wages wouldn't have to waste time filling out forms and the IRS wouldn't have to check them. Tax cheating would be eliminated for those involved. This alone would reduce the IRS workload by at least one third. It is also extremely likely that Income tax could be completely eliminated with the gross receipts tax completely funding the federal Government, if the government spending can be brought under control.

Q: What views does the candidate have on welfare?

A: Support long term programs to get people off welfare and stay off.

Q: How beneficial are the welfare-to-work programs that keep parents away from their children, while paying near-minimum wage salaries?

A: Economically beneficial, socially disastrous.

Q: What will the candidate do to change this system?
A: Raise minimum wage to $12.00.

Q: What is the candidates position on Zero Tolerance policies?
A: Zero tolerance, means total intolerance, how can this happen in a democratic society? The so called "War on Drugs" is a war on people here and abroad, it's grave threat to individual liberty, to domestic order and to peace in the world; furthermore, it has provided a rationale by which the power of the state has been expanded to restrict greatly our right to privacy and to be secure in our own homes. What this means to me and many Americans is that they fear the police more than the criminals. The government has been rounding up and locking up dangerous pot smokers for over three decades, yet heroin use is up. What ever happened to the gateway theory that started this round up anyway?

Humans are curious, they always have been. Humans use drugs, they always have. Meanwhile as newer more dangerous drugs are flooding our streets and schools Hard working American citizens (who have been stripped of property, voting rights and personal freedom) are serving life with out parole for growing pot or possessing hash or LSD. So the government in its infinite wisdom is releasing rapists, muggers, and murderers on the streets to make room in the prisons for drug addicts and alcoholics. Their solution More jails, more cops, bigger guns...

My Position is that Zero Tolerance is a fancy way to say Cultural Discrimination. Aka someone is offended by your personage.

Alcohol and Drug Policies

Our drug policy is completely absurd, we push our addictive drug of choice (Tobacco), all over the world to emerging nations and civilizations. We declare war then lock up our own citizens for smoking pot, while leaving our borders practically wide open for millions of tons of heroin and cocaine to pour in. We have turned our schools into juvenile detention centers complete with metal detectors, strip searches, lock downs and armed policemen walking the halls.

The government's current plan appears to be to lock up and brand a felon anyone who opposes the status quo, then when we all lose our rights to vote they will have won this battle... All the while trashing China for having political prisoners. Every person who is in jail in this country because of drugs is a political prisoner being held for exercising their right to the pursuit of happiness. My Plan

Q: What are the candidate’s views on marijuana as a medical drug?

A: Marijuana has been a medicine a lot longer than the USA has been a country... more
Q: Would you move to legalize marijuana?
A: Marijuana, we all thought it would be re-legalized any day during the sixties and seventies. Then came Reagan / Bush and now we have a higher percentage of the populous in prison than anywhere else in the world! I would support all current reform movements on the issue of Marijuana at the very least turning it back to the states and their citizens. I would bring compassion to the war on drugs by Legalizing the possession, growth and use of marijuana and hemp products while maintaining all other drugs and substances at their current status... more specifically...
Q: How would legalization benefit America?
A. Ending the 'war on drugs' would create jobs, cut law enforcement costs, raise revenue – and benefit patients. That could be a big enough cost saving from enforcement and revenue gain from the tax on it, it could put a sizable dent in the national debt. Drinking Age

What steps would the candidate take toward lowering the legal drinking age?

The candidate believes that there exists a constitutionally guarantee of equal treatment to those 18 years of age and over, and further asserts that the denial of any legal substance to those 18-21 is a violation of that basic right.
If this is not the case, I would pass any law to correct this problem (Flaw in our Government)

Q: Should welfare recipients be subject to drug screening?
A: The original act that started this drug testing madness was called the drug free workplace act...(Ronald Reagan's game plan) It was supposed to protect us from people running dangerous machines or in dangerous professions from going a muck and killing us by accident. Are We afraid they will fall into dangerous machinery at home?
Or are we now saying that being on welfare is a dangerous job?
How has this gotten to the point of drug testing everyone except Congress?
Any random drug testing program makes no sense at all. If you can't tell someone is on drugs by their actions alone, there is no reason for it period.
Q: How do you feel about Discrimination?

A: We all know what discrimination is right?

Discrimination is when you deny something to someone else based on a difference....any difference.

Why does the government need to know what your racial background is when classifying you for a census, job or benefit program? Whenever I face that sort of question I check other and write in human, the fact that some of my ancestors were native Americans should not affect my life. The answer is outlawing the questions, quotas and astigmatisms. Corporations and government agencies are not people, they are servants of the people, they should not be able to discriminate on any basis which will not affect the job. If some hot shot CEO wants to discriminate he should not have incorporated his company.

Society is divided in so many ways, by race, by religion, by region, by economic status, by which sports team or NASCAR driver you support. People are constantly fighting and resorting to violence over these issues that as individuals we have little or no control over.

Religion is playing too large of a part in our current governing system. In a country that claims religious freedom, it's sad to note that Judeo-Christianity is the only one represented in governmental affairs. However it wouldn't really be fair to blame the Christians, it is a government problem..
Discrimination has gone way past skin tone and religion. Race, social status, life style and sexual orientation are also pragmatic in the current situation. How many men have beards? How many people use drugs? How many people smoke cigarettes, and How many have visible tattoos and piercings. All of the people that fit into these categories are legally being discriminated against in this country. Why should someone have to take a piss test in order to work in a fast food restaurant?

This prejudice stems mostly from the war on drugs. People who use drugs are nonconformists, same people who get tattoos, wear beards, black leather jackets and ride motorcycles. Now they dye their hair weird colors pierce their noses eyelids and other parts. However the government says we should not give these weirdos jobs... Where does that leave the individualists? Out of work, on welfare, dealing drugs and committing crimes because they are not allowed to work in this society. So now the Federal Government wants to kick them off welfare....which leaves what ... Jail, an entire class , a culture of people locked up because of government sponsored prejudices. Discrimination of all sorts is learned, it can be stopped through education. Peace Freedom and tolerance need to be learned and held close to the hearts of Americans, if our society is to progress...
Q: What is your position on Affirmative action?
A: I do not believe in discrimination! Affirmative action is discrimination, no citizen should be given special considerations under the law.

Q: Where do you stand on Homosexual issues?
A: Homosexuals are Citizens and should be treated no differently than any other citizen

I was wondering what your views on gay civil unions
is because your answers to questions regarding this issue are conflicting.

A: When I answered, I too thought that I might come across as conflicted. However I had to answer the questions as written. One question referred to gay civil unions. The next referred to same sex marriage. In my mind Marriage is in a church and a religious ceremony. Being a religious right the "church" can decide what kind of unions it will endorse. A civil union is a government ceremony.

My position is that the government should not endorse any kind of coupling, but since they endorse opposite sex unions, they should have to endorse same sex unions as well. Does that help you understand my position better?

Gun Control Issues

What are the candidate’s views on personal gun possession?
If we take guns away from lawful citizens, only outlaws and police will have guns...

What are the candidate’s views on gun rights in general?
Guns are dangerous tools, like automobiles and should be registered. Owners should be trained in proper use and safety. more on guns
Health Care

How does the candidate plan to decrease the cost of health care for all citizens?

Law suit limitations, allow imported prescription drugs and shorter patents on life saving drugs and procedures.

Q: How do you feel about centralized Health care?

A: I am against any attempt to federalize Health Care. Reason one the federal government screws up everything it touches... Reason two Not all citizens have the same opinions on exactly what health care is... Universal Health care makes as much sense as braille road signs.

Q:Federal Trade issues?
A: I believe in order to have free equal trade, that you must have equal wages in the affected economies. NAFTA would work if we had standard wages and a common currency. We should not be trading with countries with substandard wages and working conditions.

Q. In your campaign, you have criticized the government's failure to represent your views and called for a return to direct democracy, a system wherein the general voting population votes to enact laws. In order to avoid a 'tyranny of the majority,' or a government where only the majority of the population's views are held, you suggest that any law involving issues of personal choice require only a 10% threshold of popularity to be passed into law.
Does this system have a role for state and national legislatures, and if not, how as President, would you convince the American people to give up such a political hegemony?

A: First off I believe that it's not just my views that are being ignored, in fact the views of most of the population are being ignored. We don't even have 'tyranny of the majority,' we have a tyranny of Congress, who is so self serving, that one can predict how most representatives will vote on any issue by checking who fills their campaign coffers. We also have a "tyranny of the dead" as we are living under rules and laws passed before most of us were born. This can be seen in the Marijuana and Hemp issues most clearly. I think that now the people of seven states have endorsed medical Marijuana and another seven have endorsed growing hemp. Yet the federal government is ignoring States rights and the right of the people to write their own laws.

In order for such changes to happen, there would have to be great changes in the thinking of the electorate. I think that if I were to be elected, that alone would show the people's willingness to be more accepting of those who are or think differently than they do.

To the best of my knowledge no such system exists anywhere, that does not preclude it happening. As president I wouldn't have to convince the people, I would have to convince Congress, and that would be hard considering the state of affairs we are in... Realistically I think it would take a continental Congress and a whole new view of government to put these ideas into a working environment.

Q:. Could you please briefly explain how, as President, you would enact the principles of Peace, Freedom, Common sense, and Compromise that you have established as the foundations to your platform?

I have to say that there is no enacting these principles, that these changes would have to come about through an enlightenment of the masses. Peace can only be achieved by not waging war. End the War on Drugs, end the War on Terrorism. I would bring all our troops home to protect the people of the United states instead of being abroad protecting the interests of the United States.
Freedom can only be achieved by restoring those principles laid out by the founding fathers in the Constitution and the Bill of rights.
Common Sense and Compromise come hand in hand. I believe it was Thomas Paine that said Common sense is not so common. Common sense tells us that in any compromise both sides must give, therefore the best compromise is the one which no-one triumphs.
So to answer your question, that if the people become enlightened to accept Peace Freedom, common sense and compromise, that I will be elected and will have to do little more as the people will have already taken the first steps towards understanding and accepting others not for their differences but for their uniqueness...

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Animal Rights

Q. Where do you stand on the issues of animal abuse, animal rights, the inhumanity of modern-day factory farming and our insane use of putting animal by products into everything even though there are cruelty free alternatives?
A. Modern day farming is ridiculous, mass production puts the entire food supply at great risk. Packing and packaging plants producing an amazing about of products are inherently the hardest places to keep sanitary. The result mass sickness when they screw up...

I do support PETA and the SPCA, but I also believe they take things too far at times...

Q. What are your thoughts on corruptions and undemocratic/barbaric incidences and practices within systems like the CIA, FBI, etc...?

A. I've read an awful lot of disheartening things regarding the going-ons of the CIA over the years. I've come to view that establishment on the whole as ultimately just over-privileged, governmental thieves liars and thugs.
How would you deal with these sorts of problems and reputations if you were in office? Would you do away with a need for a CIA all together?

A. I personally believe that the CIA is and has been covertly running the country for some time. Since when? JFK? Reagan Years? Certainly since King George Bush the first took office. I think I would have to fully access the situation first before deciding exactly what would happen to this arm of the government. This would certainly be a point of discussion for the Continental Congress to address...

8. What do you think of War and violence?

A. I think violence and aggression is an inherent part of nature, something that somehow needs to be there so that we can understand peace and contentment.
I believe that all wars regardless of reasoning, are crimes against humanity. I have no understanding of the want or need of war. I understand that in a given situation one may have to defend themselves on a personal as well as on a national level. I think that war is waged by power hungry egomaniacs, that should be locked in a cage with their counterparts and let them fight to the death. Peaceful citizens should be left out of these political power struggles...

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