Am I Crazy?

Since the beginning of time, some people have been accusing me of being crazy.
In high school they said I was crazy because I would not back down from a fight, even when the opposition had knives or baseball bats. I never started a fight, I never took up any weapons, but I never ever backed down.
They said I was crazy when I got married as a freshman in college, well they were right about that. 364 days later I became a single parent. They said I was crazy when I got married again, a year later. They said I was crazy when I dropped out of college, half way through my senior year, because I thought family was more important than school (and the job offer was really good).

They said I was crazy to leave that job and start a business of my own. They said I was crazy as I fought my way through the corporate jungle, because every step of the way I demanded my right to be bearded and a week off for my birthday, so I could commune with nature. They said I was crazy when I took six weeks off to hike on the Appalachian trail. I was told I was crazy for walking through the projects at night, alone and unarmed.

They still say I am crazy, because I publish Web Station #19. They said I was crazy when I joined Professor Heicklen to smoke a joint in front of television cameras. They say I am crazy because I quit my job to be a full time activist. They say I'm crazy because I drove an old Ford van with over a quarter million miles on it, around the country Twice to spread my activist messages. Some people think I'm crazy because I prefer to wear moccasins instead of shoes.

They said I was crazy for quitting a $500 a week job twice because it was screwing up my life.
They said I was crazy when I became a concert promoter
Most people say I am crazy because I ran for president five times.

Lately people have said I am crazy because I have decided to stop this barn from falling over!

So call me crazy, I don't mind, I rather like it.

So here we are it's 2016 and people are questioning my sanity again because, "I am running for president again?"
Most of the accusers say "You don't really believe you could win the election?
To which my answer is "I think my chances of becoming president are better than winning the powerball!" Yet I still buy the occasional ticket. So does running a presidential campaign make me crazy, because it's unlikely that I will win?
Well at least I have lots of company, over 400 people declared a run at the 2016 POTUS election. In the end 399 of them will lose... At least 330 of them actually created web pages to spread the word of their candidacy. Are we all nuts or do we all see that there has to be a better way to run this country!

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