When do you become an adult?

One of the major problems of the current social structure is the question of adulthood. You can go to jail at 14, 16, 18 depending on which state you live in...
You can vote, gamble, smoke cigarettes and look at pornography, when you are 18 (unless you are in jail), but you can't drink alcohol until you are 21.... You can fight in a war when your 18 (but then you are allowed to drink alcohol). You can drive as young as 14 in some states. There was a time when a 16 year old was considered an adult then 18 now 21, and now there are those pushing to move some restrictions to 25 years of age... So what is the age that you become an adult?
Obviously adulthood is more a realization, a feeling a moment or a year when you feel that you have grown older. Most of the main stream religions have a right of accession ceremony at age 14 or 16, a sign that adulthood is approaching. Sex drives, organs and desires begin around age fourteen as well, natures way of saying you are an adult. But our government would rather classify it's citizens by age group and the current trends are to push the end of childhood from 14 to 25 or 26 years of age. With half the group in college and the other half split between the military and the jails, surplus population and work force can be stored away until they are needed. I think we need a new emancipation act. One that will not only free a generation by setting the standard age at 18 but free their parents from legal responsibilities of other adults. It will cut down the incidence of teenage pregnancy and social illnesses by denying them access to transportation and the opportunities that automobiles provide.
If elected I will pursue this issue, whether by law, amendment executive or court order until 18 year olds are once again treated like adults and those under 18 are assured their childhood.

The Emancipation Act

All American citizens gain full citizenship and and the privileges of such on their 18th birthday.
Parents are freed from all the responsibilities and expenses of their children on their 18th birthday
Any law that discriminates or differentiates against persons over the age of 18 are null and void.
Driving, smoking, drinking and voting are reserved for those who have attained the age of 18.
No person under the age of 18 will serve time in adult prison.
No person under 18 shall be sentenced to life or the death penalty.
No persons under the age of 18 will be allowed credit

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