State of the Campaign?

I asked my Doctor what I could do to pass the boredom of early retirement, he said "Why don't you run for office?"
I wondered if an industry that I constantly put down would want me to run?
So Since 1995 I have been running the longest Presidential campaign in our history.
It started on the internet but spilled over to Festivals, protests, and long road trips around the country. 37 states so far...

Although I have seen many cameras pointed my way, few of them have made it to the web.
However, My first Public speech was recorded

May 7 1998 my speech in front of the famous Penn State front Gate... Current Campaign Rocking 2016

I am sure more will be found and some of them will surface...

Many people have been asking me how the campaign is going?
I tell them the truth it's going great!!!
But, What can you possibly be basing your success on?

Everything we have seen so far plastered across the news media is Party Politics.
The old party tricks of getting your candidates face on the news...
It's about the Republicrats rubbing the noses of the American People in the fact that they are in control of the media and the political future of the country.

I still maintain 150 hits a day at my web site, down from thousands but how many people have really seen or read it?

For the first time in many Years I have been invited to speak again at the White House protest

For the first Time my mother is an avid supporter (its pays to mow the lawn)

The other day I went to my hometown restaurant and the girl didn't take my name.
When I returned for my fish fry to go, the cook was just handing it off to another girl.
She said " this one has no name, who is it for?"
She responded "its for that guy who runs for president"
The first girl said "oh him..." Acknowledgement is sweet.
when I go about my daily treks, every time I stop, someone starts a conversation with me,
while everybody else studies the Activist van

So what have I been doing for campaign 2016?
I did make a few requested appearances in the north east in 2015, concluded with a return to Damn Sam's Harvest Festival.
This campaign will take care of itself until the Republicans get down to number of candidates that
today's high school grads can count on their fingers...

Me? I am riding gocarts with my granddaughter, until the real election kicks in.

This a write in campaign. The official position of the powers that be is that I don't exist. The Democrats and Republicans aren't worried about some semi-fictional person, who threw a rock concert for campaign fundraising. The mainstream media, continues to ignore me, but I have had some coverage in newsprint. College papers seem to like me and I have been getting op/eds printed around the country. In the past few years or so at least a thousand people have looked me straight in the eye and said the same words. "I know you can count on one vote!". In the past ten years I have received and fielded well over 15000 email letters, most were supporters or friendly banters. At least a couple hundred thousand people have seen me speak in the past several years.
Sure I realize that not all these people are going to bother to vote, much less take the extra time to do a write in vote. After all they tell you a vote for anything other than Republicrats is a wasted vote.

I would be willing to bet that many persons who has met me or heard me speak, has told a few people about me. My web site is straight forward and open 24/7. Instant responses to most any question on the record. The web traffic is what really amazes me, I receive letters from all walks of life from homeless people to governing officials, teenagers and grandmothers, from old hippies and punk rockers, from Libertarians, Greens, and even pissed off Democrats.

So if you want to hear what I have to say I am having a Gascon for President Rally June 24th at 6pm at Jazzberry Farm
Come on out we will be filming citizens and their questions for the candidate for future campaign videos!!!
See You there
Next chance July 4th at Lafayette Park Washington D.C. at the annual War Protest

What if every person who has had a loved one thrown into jail or drug off to war or killed in a ridiculous war on drugs, what if they voted for me? What if? What if all those pissed off people decided to just go ahead and throw away their vote, in protest of the whole stinking system. The same system that has been telling them that their vote, their opinions, their beliefs don't count in this democracy. So what if, what if?

Best case scenario? 5%, maybe 10 % of the popular vote? Maybe carry a state? What would that accomplish? First off, it gives me the fame part of fame and fortune, they will not be able to ignore my presence any more. The proof of the power of the people will launch campaign 2016, after all I have a 18 year head start...

This campaign will not be battered by the polling monsters or the media, this campaign will not be judged by a multi-million dollar propaganda war. This campaign will remain mostly unnoticed until November 8th, when the election commissions count those millions and millions of write in votes and when the headlines will read Who is Ronald Gascon? On that day this campaign and the electorate's faith in the status quo will be tested, So join the revolution. Register to vote and then do it, simple process, the founding fathers way of saying, you do count.

and Write in Ronald Gascon for U.S. President

I have successfully put on the longest running Presidential campaign in modern history, 18 long years of life by election time. I have been doing email interviews, online chats, radio talk shows, newspapers, pretty much everything except TV. Supporters have even posted a partial speech on youtube. Over the next year I will continue to make appearances and speaking at various events in the east coast and farther west when I can.

My plan from the beginning has been to sit back and watch as all of the other candidates spend millions of dollars trying to get their fifteen minutes and then drop out two weeks later. So I'll make my big moves after people have forgotten that, who else was ever even running. This campaign will not be stopped by any lack of cash, as I am selling some of my stuff to keep it going. Since we are the epitome of grass roots, this website and email will comprise 95% of what's left of this campaign. It will not be over until the last free thinking American, lays down his pen after Writing In Ronald Gascon for President.

What drives me to continue against such overwhelming odds? Mostly the Same shit different year politics policies of the Republican and Democratic parties. Most recently? The admission of a newspaper editor who refused to print my letter to the editor because "We don't report on or print editorials of candidates who have no chance of winning." Makes me wonder why people like Gene Amondson, Chuck Baldwin, Steve Kissing and myself get no mention whatsoever. Who are Gene Amondson, Chuck Baldwin, Steve Kissing? They are not quitters, they like myself and at two dozen others are riding this election out to the end, they are real people, real candidates, standing up for their positions.

So how come I'm not out shaking hands and kissing babies? Not my style.

Goal Get 60 million people to Write in Ronald Gascon as President !!!

Driving spiders crazy since 1995
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