Brief Biography --- John Galt jr.

John Galt jr.
Writer / activist
currently resides
Swain New York

The character of John Galt jr was born high upon a mountain in Virginia many years ago.
However as the man behind the myth, It is I you need to know about...

I was born in June of 1959 in a small town in upstate New York. I am the oldest of four children, all boys. I grew up in the shadow of alcoholism, but I didn't understand it until years later. I always thought my dad was just crazy, little did I know that his violent temper came from a bottle. I spent a lot of time in the woods, and did a lot of reading and thinking. At age 12 I discovered money and capitalism through the mechanism of a paper route. By age 16 I had saved enough to buy myself a car for my birthday. I knew at age 16 that someday I would run for president.

I stayed in the same small town through high school and I graduated with honors. I earned a full scholarship for College, attended four years at a SUNY school, but did not graduate. As a freshman I married my high school sweetheart, a year later, I found myself to be a single parent. While in College I suffered a slip and fall accident down a flight of stairs. The accident left me with three broken vertebrae and a life time of pain. By dragging things through the court system for over ten years, Doctors and Lawyers conspired to see that I received no financial reimbursements for my injuries. Interestingly enough, the doctors and lawyers were all paid handsomely from funds which should have been set aside for me. I returned to school but left during my senior year as a protest, because I was not allowed to take and learn the subjects that I wished to study. I moved immediately into a high paying management job, where although I was in charge, I was the youngest employee at the company. I stayed for three years and then left to pursue the capitalist dream.

Like most Americans I have been Insolvent, since the first day of college.
That is to say, if I sold all that I own and paid my bills, I would still owe.

To basically sum up my life, I have lived though two marriages, two divorces, three businesses, climbed a couple corporate ladders, survived a flood, a fire, a bankruptcy, several car wrecks and scarlet fever. None of which compared to having teenage daughters or playing the single parent game. There have been a couple of times that I was homeless and counted on friends and good weather. Even though I have been around... I have done everything from mowing lawns in a cemetery to Managing multi- million dollar operations. I have seen so much more than I have done. I have come know what it means to be poor, as well as to have maybe a little more than I needed.
I know what the country needs, what the people need, more jobs, security, more money, less taxes, less Government, less war, more peace.

In 1995, I became very involved in all sorts of activism, including but not limited to anti-nuclear, pro-environment, campaign finance reform, pro-hemp, civil rights, animal rights and earth rights. These endeavors brought about the creation of Web Station # 19. Interest in the site and anonymous author John Galt jr. grew and soon there were requests for speaking engagements. As the writer I assumed the identity of John Galt jr. and now I am running for President!!! The rest as they say is (or will be) history.

Ronald E. Gascon

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