Roach Roast 98

8/3/98 2:00 pm Arrived at the Rainbow Farm, Talked about the fest with Doug (farm Manager) and then with the local press
Some Vendors were arriving and setting up shop. folks who coundn't wait till Friday or want first choice of campsites start showing up.


I was up pretty early I spent the afternoon with new friends Brad and Cathy. They have a stained glass display and were quite kind to me.

4:00 PM - Grand Puba and Master of Ceremonies Derrik DeCraene officially blesses the festivities with the "roasting" of the sacrificial roach.

4:05PM - The music begins with The Antics, demented pack of rock and roll street urchins from Dowagiac, Michigan.
6:00PM - Pothead Clan rocked the gathered potheads to a new level of cerebral pleasure.


John Galt Jr. Steven Gaskin

7:30pm As the sun began to settle on the horizon Derrik Introduced me to the crowd as the first speaker of the night. I spoke for almost a half hour and announced to the crowd I was running for president. Then Susan Sunshine came up and read us some poetry.. I returned to my campsite and Stephen Gaskin joined me in in after speech glow with the interested youth.
8:00PM - SevenThirtySunday, (yes that's their name) had a rockin CD release party.
9:30 pm Stephen Gaskin spoke told some stories and passed a great deal of wisdom on to the crowd. He announced he was also running for president.
10:00 PM - Circus McGurkis is played for their first time at Rainbow Farm. Pretty rocking group with a great deal of stage antics.
12:00AM - Also playing for the first time at Rainbow Farm was Slackjaw, a very talented group of musicians from the St. Joe/Benton Harbor area. These guys do all sorts of protest songs and have an unbelievable stage show. They played right up to 3am without a break Afterwards I made them the first band invited to the 1st Pa Summer Solstice Hemp Happening, and they said they would love to come to Pennsylvania to play watch for these guys...
The main stage closed just after 2:00AM I joined the guys from Slack jaw for a late night party as the Rave Tent was opened, all-nighters danced till the sun came u>p.

SATURDAY SEPT. 5TH Local wildlife join in the party

I was up early 9am or so . Spent the morning with my new found hero Steven Gaskin.
2:00PM - Kotten Mouth from South Bend.

In early afternoon a fellow named Mad Marvin Marvin introduced himself and dragged me off to meet the people. We had a great afternoon together.
4:00PM - Dangerous Neighbors from Kalamazoo, they always rock.
7:00 pm -Marvin Marvin and other speakers took the stage as the evening continued
8:00pm Stephen spoke again.
9:00PM - Back again from Columbus, Ohio Rezzin, one of the favorite pot rock bands in the country.
10:50pm Derrick gave me five minutes and I gave this speech
11:00PM - THC The Hydroponic Crytonite from New York City gangsters of Pot Rap a show you can't forget. They have discovered a way to musically tap into the THC receptor in our brains,
12:00AM - Echo Vein from St. Joe/Benton Harbor will rocked into the early morning hours. Close your eyes and you'll think it's Page and Plant before the reunion. Meanwhile the naked hippie side contest was held. Hooray for the naked winners
2:00AM - time for the official drum circle at the Teepee Camp.


Jetta & The Jellybeans and their special concert for the kids in the crowd. a favorite for all the kids (including all you adult kids).
1:00 pm Marvin Marvin dragged me up on stage for the first debate of the 2000 presidential election, not captured for history, if you weren't there you missed 15 minutes of great serious and funny banter
2:00PM - From Cleveland, Ohio, Mandala , great music and rhythms.
3:00pm it's so hot that they do the first daytime naked Hippie slide!

4:00PM - Time for Abusing Troy
6:00PM - The Rozen Bombs like always rockin.
8:00PM - Black Fuzz is definitely one of the most popular bands in Kalamazoo This psychedelic trio is nothing but good music from start to finish.
10:30PM I gave my final speech for the festival Derrick said five minutes, then left me hanging for about 12.
10:45PM - Daddy Longlegs from East Lansing. Anywhere this ska-rock band people are a dancing...
11:45 Mad Marvin Marvin gave a final speech.
12:00AM - As the The Happy Campers took the stage, I headed out for home. I was told Their trippy rock sound would ended the weekend on stage with a very "high" note.

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