Hey Roach Roasters,
I was going to give the speech that I started this afternoon, then I was going to give a different speech, that I wrote a couple days ago, but so many things have happened this weekend and Derrick says I only get five minutes again so.... First I would like to say I am the most protesting man in America, But I am not the only protester out here. There are at least a 1000 real activists out there, some speak some host events like this one. This summer, while I traveled it seemed every time I turned around Elvy was there. Elvy was speaking, Elvy was dancing, Elvy was singing. If I am the most protesting man Elvy is certainly the most protesting women in America, so lets give her another big hand for all her good work.

I know that it is important for young people to have heroes, mentors, examples to look up to.
We don't have many anymore and that is one of the big problems in this country. You know I never found a true mentor, that person that I wanted to be when I grew up, it just never happened. Friday night I met one, he is here, his name is Stephen Gaskin, this is the man I want to be when I grow up, so let's give him another big hand for being who he is....

I would also like to thank Derrick and Doug for allowing me to speak here this weekend, I would like to thank my new best friend Marvin Marvin for an interesting weekend. I would like to thank all the kind people who shared their love, kindness, conversation and herbs with me this weekend. I can tell you that there is no doubt in my mind that this has been the best party I have ever been to. I would like give a special thanks, to the camper hippies that partied down with me until 4:20 am thursday night. I would like to thank Brad and Cathy, they have the stained glass booth with those really cool roach clips, buy something from them before you leave. I want to thank the t-shirt guy back there, who sold me my hemp shirt at an event earlier this year, he still has a couple of those left check out his stand before you leave the Roach Roast.

I'm sure I'm almost out of time so let me give you the real short version of my speech, It is called the economic enslavement of America, you can read it at my web site but in a nutshell, the message is this do not go into debt, save your money and pay cash. You don't need a $60,000 viper, get an old vw van for $500 and drive it forever. You don't need a quarter million dollar house get a used mobile home. If you want to be stoners in this political environment, it makes no sense to reach for those lofty goals, because any day any time the cops can come in and take it all away because they found a seed in your favorite chair. How much time I got left here Derrick? Well he's waving me on so...

Today down by the showers I met an 11 year old girl attending this festival with her parents. I asked her what she thought of the things she saw going on here, she said not much, she didn't understand the big deal, she didn't and would never use marijuana. I said good for her because I didn't want her to use marijuana or any other drugs. She said wait a minute how come it's all right for you but not for me? I replied you are eleven years old, when you are a child life is about learning and having fun. If your mother said that you could wash the dishes or go to your best friends house to play what what would you do? She replied I would go play. If you tried drugs you would probably think they were fun, then you would stop playing with your friends, you would be distracted from all the wonders of the world, you would skip school, stop reading books and you would never learn those things you need to know to be an adult. How much time I got left here Derrick? Two more minutes, sure I butcher two good speeches and he gives me two more minutes.

You think I've run out of stuff to say, maybe two more minutes okay I got it. Remember those 1000 real activists I was talking about earlier? Well I have a plan to take over this country. If each and everyone of those activists took on nine or ten new activists, taught them the ropes give them that little push that only your real mentor can give. Then we would have 10,000 activists standing on street corners with signs, sending mail and e-mail to Washington. Well if each of those 10,000 people turned on another ten people to activism, well we would have 100,000 people shouting at the top of their lungs that we want change and we want it now. I want every single one of you out there to think about everything you have heard here this weekend consider what you can do to become more active, register to vote, get out and vote, get out and change the world because Stephen and I aren't going to be up here forever. thank you.

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