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Well today was 4/20/98 and several protests across the country showed that 4/20 is on the fast track to becoming the official people's "National Marijuana and Hemp Protest Day". A simple idea based on a number has spread across generation, race and social Status barriers. I personally protested five separate ways. As many of you readers know I am very active in the pro-hemp movement and regularly have contact with other activists as well as "NORML people" and High Times Magazine. I also attend as many rallies as possible and mix with and talk to the real people who turn out for these events. Well I am always making new contacts but I today received this return letter from an "Industrial Hemp activist" who was invited to tour my site and join in on our protests... It seems funny to me that today on 4/20 I would receive a letter such as this one :

Mr Galt,
Please don't send anymore mail my way. I am fighting HARD to legalize Hemp as a re-newable energy source & people like you make it hard for me to do so. So light up your joint but blow the smoke up your a**
Ms. Smith Industrial HEMP ACTIVIST

Ms Smith,
I wasn't going to write back but I believe when people use terms like "people like you"
They do deserve a response. I would be willing to bet you didn't even check out the web site at all. You see I am for all uses of hemp. I am for medical Hemp, their opponents are pharmaceutical companies and chemical labs. I am for industrial hemp, your opponents are other energy companies, the Oil companies, the nuclear companies, coal, hydro, and solar. There are groups that want the fibers to make durable soft cloth, Their opposition is the cotton, nylon, wool and other fabric industries. It really boils down to massive corporate resistance being peddled onto the politicians. You see there are already bunches of biomasses around that are not illegal to grow. For instance corn is expected to reach all time production levels this season, the stalks and cobs will serve just as well for your purposes. Organic garbage need not be buried and what about food processing scraps? I think economic feasibility is your fights biggest opponent... But One thing I can assure you about is that Industrial Hemp will not be the resurgence of hemp production in this country. Have you ever heard of divide and conquer? The laws you are fighting to change are exactly the same laws the rest of us are fighting... it all began with the marijuana tax act of 1937... You see contrary to what you have been feed Marijuana and hemp are the essentially same thing... The difference being that one is bigger and has less psychoactive ingredients. They can cross pollinate when pollen is carried by the wind. You must consider that Marijuana hemp is already growing all over this country. It said to be the largest cash crop in many states. You must consider the governments position, if industrial hemp were allowed it would become more psychoactive in each generation. You see the United States government did a lot of research after and during world war one because sailors kept smoking the ropes on board ships. Basically what they discovered was that no matter what they did to make healthier plants, it always increased the THC development
So on this there are really only two positions to take in this situation that could possibly meet voter acceptance
1. they can medicalize marijuana supply only those with medical approval and open the gateways for a functional distribution towards treating hundreds of illnesses from aids to PMS.
2. total legalization of cannabis hemp, in which case the growers will not want industrial hemp around ruining the quality of the marijuana and your groups get all the hemp fibers you want for practically free. Think of it as a Chicken they get the meat you get the feathers both sides should be happy.

Okay John aka (?)
See I did visit your web site, and guess what, I should have followed the adage of a closed mouth gathers no feet. I also have a saying about myself "I feel so adamant about things that once it's in my mind it's out of my mouth as soon as it gets around my foot."
Wonderful site, honest and I passed it along to my partner. I sincerely apologize for my rash and unwarrented statements before. Keep up the good work. And please post this letter if you like as you posted my other one and I feel as if I need smoke blown up my a**.
Love to you and all

I believe in what you are saying, but I am really busy trying to legalize marijuana for medical use right now

As am I !!! but Sometimes you just have to slow down a little and check out other problems. because if we attack them one at a time it will take forever...

I've checked out alot of territory on your site. I enjoyed the art galleries. I also rather enjoyed your discussion with Wm. The debate about addiction vs. recreational use continues. As does the topic of a 'gateway' drug, what constitutes a drug, and at what point use becomes abuse. I am still unclear on many of these topics myself. I abused alcohol but used marijuana. How do I define the difference? I really can't say with certainty. I do believe, however, that laws and government will not change whether or not people will use substances or how they will use them. Making something illegal will not make it go away nor will making something legal create the demand for it.
I look forward to reading more and discovering what else I may have missed.
Genie formerly known as Sehlis!

I finally got to get back to your webpage. I had missed alot of it. It didn't take me long to look through it the first time I tried. But then I wasn't very thorough. I have known you for almost twenty years... Farmer John, always sewing seeds. Plants, thoughts, ideas. seeds of discontent, rebellion, revolution, change. It will be interesting to see what your crop ends up being.
Guess You Know Who

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