John's banters - Trapped in Florida

Just after Thanksgiving last year, I packed up and moved to Florida to start a new life and be closer to my daughter and my grandchild. After a minor breakdown I found myself arriving in Florida with no cash and very little on a credit card. My first task was Obviously to find a job. Having a strong restaurant background of 35 years, I applied to every restaurant in a ten mile radius my first week. After ten days I found myself without any money, a place to live or a job. I applied to DCF Florida's version of social services and was told that I was ineligible because I was not a Florida resident, As I had no local address, No Florida ID and had not been here for more than 30 days. I continued my job search, checked into the homeless shelter and tried to get a Florida Driver's license, I was told that I couldn't get an ID or license without my birth certificate. 50 years old and this is the first time anyone has requested to see my birth certificate. After thirty days having an established address, I re-applied for services. Denied because they want a form from my previous employer in Pennsylvania stating that I no longer work for them. I sent the form off and thirty days later received another denial, because they never sent the form back and now sixty days have passed. So I need to start at the beginning and re-apply again. Meanwhile some two hundred applications later I received an interview as a restaurant manager. I drove some eighty miles to get to the interview and was told by the old manager job has been taken, but I could work as a sandwich artist at minimum wage. Being as I was broke and homeless I took the job.

My first week I was shown all the managers work, as the new manager was out on maternity leave. The second week she returned, and the woman they gave the job to, didn't even know the difference between ounces and decimals. The third week my schedule was cut to 11 hours. 35 years experience and I get 10 hours per week and a boss that can't even pass a six grade equivalency exam. Three days later I was fired

So now I find myself trapped in Florida branded a non person by state government. Good news is that I have lost twenty pounds.

Thank you Florida

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