I know that persecution is not the best term for this discussion, as it is usually reserved for religious and racial matters But in truth is there any difference, when what you are talking about is when a large group of society, is singled out and dealt special punishments for being who they are? A lot of people in this country feel that they are being discriminated against, when the truth is that they are being persecuted by the rule of the many over the few. The many are not always the same people, and neither are the persecuted. The method of persecution is the legal system of of our country and a little policy called zero tolerance, which says when 51% of the people agree, you lose the right to individually. For instance alcohol is legal to purchase in most places, but are you allowed to drink it? Public intoxication is against the law as is DUI. Open containers are pretty much only allowed in bars now. Can't drink in front of children or while they are sleeping in the other room, or child protection services will take them. So how is drinking legal? when you are treated the same way as say a pothead? Pot smokers have been persecuted for 75 years, and yet a million people a year manage to get busted and millions more don't get caught.

While Bill Clinton was president tobacco products came under great scrutiny, now you can't smoke in malls schools public places indoors or out. You can't smoke in parking lots or even in cars many places and smoking in front of the children has been added to the list of no no's at CPS.

Now these persecutions are moving into seatbelt laws cops are using binoculars, standing in toll booths, cruising the highways in tour buses and setting up road blocks to save you from yourself and the danger of not wearing your seat belt, or using a cellphone, but mostly just for income enhancement for local governments.

Meanwhile skateboarding, Boxing, motor cross horseback riding, knife juggling, not to mention bull riding (too late), Heli-Skiing, trampolines and underwater cave exploring round out a list of some things way more dangerous than not putting on a seatbelt for a quick trip to the store. Yet cliff jumping and doing stunts for reality TV or u-tube are perfectly legal. How can this be in a free society of free people?

My current worry is the newest persecution, dog owners. Dogs and humans have walked side by side for thousands of years, with a bond that non dog owners just can't understand. It started with german shepards, then rottwellers and graduated to pit bulls, because some people decided that they were too dangerous to interact with people anymore? How did they get that way and why? Are they just being stereotyped? People are teaching their children to run and scream when they see a miniature dachshunds. Most parks are now closed to dogs, you have to follow your dogs around with little baggies, while the other million species on the planet can poop where ever they want.
Recently where I live there have been two big stories about dogs. One where an police officer forgot about his partner (a german Shepard) and left him in a car for several hours where he died from heat stroke. It was declared and accident and the officer was not charged. Second story was about a couple of pugs picked up by animal control apparently only a few hundred feet from their home, tossed in the paddy wagon and were found to be dead of unknown causes, two hours later when the control officer made it back to the pound with them. This public servant was also found to have done everything according to policy. Last minute update new dog story in the news here tonight.

A Local police officer entered a property to ask them to move a car, their pet pitbull, which all described as a big baby lunged at him (because the local ordinance says lunged, attacked or shows aggression, are allowed to be shot on site) In English if a cop is scared of a dog surprised by a dog or a dog moves towards him it can be shot. The dog was in it's own yard, secured by electric invisible fence, doing it's appointed duties. A review of the officers actions will be made...

Last year The Free Thought Project reported on a slew of tragic dog shootings, including one department in Buffalo, NY whose officers shot 92 dogs from Jan. 1, 2011 through Sept. 2014. Buffalo is hardly an isolated incident either. In Southwest Florida, the News-Press discovered 111 instances of dog shootings among multiple agencies between 2009 and 2012, representing about 37 per year. According to the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Police shot approximately 90 dogs per year between 2008 and 2013.

The other day I stopped for a quick trip into the store the other day 12 minutes by the clock on a stick, it was 8 pm, the big stick also said it was 82 degrees. We had just been for short walk and a long air conditioned ride. When I came out of the store a police officer was looking into my car and said he had three reports of a "dog in distress" in a car with the windows rolled up in the past ten minutes. I pointed out that three of the four windows were down one almost four inches as further, the dog could escape. I showed him the dog and food and water, but he still had to take my name number, run my plates etc. He informed me that while I wasn't really breaking any laws that the best policy would be to leave my dog at home as the fine is over two hundred dollars! So today I ask you are dog owners the newest to the persecution list? or is it just income enhancement? or can some people just not mind there own damn business?

Don't walk your dog without a leash in NYCity

Dog busted for solicitation

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