A critique of some of the 2004 and 2008 Candidates for president

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What about My challengers?
It was more evident than most years, but not unusual, there were about 400 people running running for President in 2008. There are still over 300, but the press seems intent on reporting just three of them. Who should you vote for? The 2008 election is likely to provide the most unpredictable election results ever. The Political pundits who usually declare a winner before the campaigns ever start are unusually quiet. The truth is the election hasn't even started, no major party and few minor parties have even selected their candidate yet.

The Republicans, except for Ron Paul, say the war on terror is actually a war against fundamentalist Muslims. What they mean to say is a war against fundamentalist Muslims by Fundamentalist Christians. They also say (except Romney) that building a fence on the Mexican border will solve our crime problems, because illegal immigrates are all criminals, else they wouldn't be illegals. Never mind most of them crossed in from Canada or came in at the airports on student or visitor visas. I often see news reports here in Pennsylvania that drug sniffing dogs are constantly catching illegal immigrates, apparently they all smell like drugs... But I digress.

Disillusionment is high among Republicans, but will they turn to the Democrats or go else where? It would seem the Democrats would have an advantage, if and only if they put up the right candidate. Personally I would like to see Ron Paul against Hillary Clinton, so we could have a Republican running on the Democratic ticket and a Libertarian running on the Republican ticket, throw in Al Gore on the Green Party ticket and nobody will have the slightest idea who to vote for..

One thing, most of Americans can agree on is we don't need to
Find another George Bush?
If you believe we do, you should stay at home on election day.

I have selected a few fellow candidates to critique, my thoughts follow... Should you choose now?
It will be a lot easier to wait until next fall and see who is still in the game. Then suddenly Ralph Nadar reappears. As a former Nadar supporter I am interested in seeing what it is that he thinks he can add to the soup at this point. I mean after the Democratic Debates the Republican debates and some of these candidates have been out on the campaign trail for a year now. Ralph tell us o mighty one "What did this miss?"

Candidates 2008


Barack Obama, I believe is the one of two candidates younger than myself, only 45 years old, to many this is considered a bad thing, to me it's good to see a young man trying to fix the world. He has been outstanding in his stances against the current administration. Certainly a compatriot in Bush Bashing. A visit to his site will show he wants to end the Iraq war, however it doesn't say anything about the war on terror. The first thing his site asks for is your email address, secondly your money. No question that he is a true Democrat. He says he stands for change and against "politics as usual". Yet his campaign appears to be politics as usual, collecting forty - fifty millions of dollars in contributions every month and spending it on advertising. (that is politics as usual) He claims he is the only candidate not accepting money from PACs and lobbyists. (A blatant lie, because I know I am not and I am sure some of the other 400 candidates are not, yet I'm sure in 'his world", there are only four or five candidates running...) If elected who will benefit from any reforms he may pass? Will it be the homeless, welfare mothers, and oppressed Americans or who ever has contributed some 300 million dollars to get him elected? I am pretty sure that if Oprah sold $1000 hot dogs for my campaign, I would be showing up in the polls as well. Hillary Clinton has been campaigning against him on the basis that he just isn't ready to join the big boys, now she is talking about an Obama Clinton coalition. If he is not good enough for president, how could he be good enough for VP? The real Question being is America ready for a Black President? Barack's Website

Ron Paul is interesting, a elected Republican is also seeking the Libertarian nomination. Still too old to represent at 73. He did well in the 1st Republican debate, because Democrats and independents are not excluded from voting in these events. In reading his web page I see that he says "all the right things". So the question becomes does he believe what he is selling? If he does and has then why and how come has he been a Republican all these years? Isn't just as possible that he is saying the right things now (I don't see where he has ever taken a leadership role in the past to right the wrongs of big government) just to get elected? A elected Republican seeking the Libertarian nomination. Is this a smart move? or is he just throwing the election to the Democrats by picking up the support of those Republicans whom have been disgusted by the Bush Administration. Now that the Republicans have dismissed him as a loony, is he running a write in campaign? He has had his chance to change things and he has not done it.
Ron Paul Web Site

Rudy Giuliani Quit Campaign
Hillary Clinton
Al Gore Never answered the call
Dennis Kucinich
Fred Thompson Quit the Campaign

Hillary Clinton Can she win? Is USA ready for a female President? Maybe but I don't think it's Hillary.
I believe that she is the only candidate that has started a campaign with organized resistance.
I personally think that she like her husband, is no longer a Democrat, but a Republicrat. She develops her southern drawl every time she goes south of Mason Dixon line. She tries to talk ghetto when she is in a major city. She is the perfect socialite when in Connecticut. She has more balls than most of the candidates (But Bill Might need them back someday) She can not be trusted, way too inside to provide the representation we need.
Hillary Clinton in the news Web Site.

John McCain (AZ) Another Republican that is older than dirt, but is spry for 72. I would say that he embodies the traditional Republican, making him the best candidate for Republicans. He wants to end the war in Iraq with honor but will America be willing to elect another traditional Republican after GW Bush jr? He admits he is weak on economic issues -comes across like a GW that speaks english - Web Site gone John McCain

John Galt jr- Hey that's me 4th time running

Since the primaries have begun party candidates have been dropping like flies, which leaves third party and well the infamous long shot write in candidates. Can one of us win? I still believe yes. Last count 411 write in candidates, most have the same catch line "Are you sick of politics as usual? Then vote for me!" Most of them don't even list any issues or solutions, kind of vote for me and see what happens... Many of them present issues and solutions that are politics as usual.
So what sets me apart? They all seem to be going after the coveted voters that are traditionally Democrats or Republican. This is where I set myself apart I am looking for 60 million people who usually don't vote, those who are open to radical change, of an evolutionary, if not revolutionary changes. I present the issues and creative out of the box solutions, that make the Republicrates cringe

Bill Richardson Quit the Campaign A 60 years old Democrat with thirty years as an Washington insider, was he a part of the problem or did he just get sick of the Washington bull crap? While in D.C. he wore that hat of an ambassador, and thus is well known for his hand in foreign policy. Nominated four times for the Nobel Peace Prize, but never won....
Bill went back home to new Mexico in 2001 to become governor, where he was noted for supporting medical marijuana. He has been playing up to hispanics, and American indians, likely because both are predominate in his home state. However his web site is so high tech, most of the intended audience can not access his site. He has come out against Cancer, but no one else has thought to have a political battle with a disease. He is against the Iraq war, but like the rest of the pack does not mention the future of the war on terror. Bill Richardson appears to be a good man for the job, but is he? and further will the Democrats allow him to be their leader?
Bill Richardson Bill's Web Site gone...

Dennis Kucinich - Not Running 2008? Some people have pointed out to me that Kucinich's idea's and plans are very simular to mine. I have been to his web site and do admit that he or whomever wrote the articles posted at his site do think the same, or perhaps are writing, what people like me what to hear. Those writing to me say that Kucinich has a better chance to be elected, than I. Does that really follow? They say that because he has already been elected to Congress, that more people know who he is and name recognition is very high among voters.

I discount that recognition to be among people from Ohio and people who follow politics closely. My target support group is people who don't usually vote, so I believe that his name will not help him there. On the other hand, I have been running Web Station # 19, speaking at festivals, protests and gatherings since 1995. My nom de plume of John Galt jr is highly recognizable among 18 - 26 year olds, libertarians and the activist community, which are my target groups. I still have a full year to get my message out and people think I should throw in the towel now? His platform was almost the same as mine, and nothing like anything the Democrats will do in reality.
Write me in !!! If I'm not good enough for you write in Kucinich, we need to show Washington that we are serious about change!!!
Dennis Kucinich

Al Gore Democrat (not running?) For a man who is not running Al seems to be doing a lot of campaigning, my bet is sooner or later Al will join in the race. He has some White House experiences. Question is will he run as a Democrat or under the Green party and if he runs as a Green will it only serve to throw the election to the Republicans.

Mike Gravel site gone Running as a Libertarian! This guy is at least 75 perhaps older. A two term Alaska Senator is too old to be concerned with what it is that the youth of America will be needing in the next ten years. We have not heard a lot from mike since Vietnam, He founded and served as president of The Democracy Foundation, Philadelphia II, and Direct Democracy, nonprofit corporations dedicated to the establishment of direct democracy in the United States through the enactment of the National Initiative for Democracy by American voters. His web site says end the wars, restore our freedoms, save the world and give me your email address...

Rudy Giuliani Quit the campaign (NY)Rather young for a Republican at 63 Giuliani seems to have a little god complex. During George Bush jr's terms in Washington, there have been many that compared GW to Hitler. If you think GW pushed things over the line and abused his powers in office, Rudy will show us how to really do it. Many praise his cleaning up of NYCity, when all he really did was chase the undesirables to Jersey. There are times when we need someone like Giuliani to run big places like New York City. But the whole country is not NYCity and the American public tends to value their freedoms. Giuliani doesn't understand words like rights, personal freedom, and fidelity. The only teamwork he understands is people doing what ever he tells them to do. Web Site gone, thank god

Fred Thompson Republican - Fred has recently jumped in the race late after much speculation. With 20 other Republicans looking to lead the party does he add anything other than a familiar face and is that face enough to get him elected? It worked for Reagan, we will have to wait and see what Fred has to say. Nothing and has quit the campaign Web Site gone

Mike Huckabee
Tom Tancredo
Duncan Hunter
Mitt Romney
Sam Brownback
David Koch

Chris Dodd is already 63 years old, he is too old to represent or understand most of the electorate. A Washington insider, with 30 years in the Senate Chris Dodd is part of the problem.
Web Site Chris Dodd

Joe Biden already 65 years old, he is too old to represent or understand most of the electorate. A Washington insider, 36 years in the senate Joe Biden is part of the problem. Web site has little information except to collect email addresses.
Web Site gone

John Edwards One of ten "Johns" running, at 54 he is young enough to have a clue. Formally a Lawyer, has only taken one trip to Washington, so far. He was elected to the US Senate in 1998, defeating an incumbent senator. In Congress, he established himself as a champion for issues such as quality health care, better schools, protecting civil liberties, preserving the environment, saving social security and Medicare, and campaign finance reform. He was also a member of the Select Committee on Intelligence, working to strengthen national defense and homeland security. Like the rest of the Democrats he is talking about redeploying troops, that is to say take the war some place else because we the American people get bored easily and well Saddam is dead. He appeals to the upper middle class as a regular family guy, unlike myself who appeals to the irregular family guy, and those with a different take on what family is...
I think I might be willing to support John Edwards, if he could accept me as his VP? How about it Johnny?
John Edwards Web Site Gone

Then come the rest of the Johns..
John Kerry

John Joseph Kennedy- Withdrew June 2007- Because you half to have a Kennedy in the mix. Only 54 already run twice for President Only thing he has going for himself is his name, It worked for Bush, perhaps in 2012 - Web Site gone

John Cox (IL) --52 years old, Lawyer, Republican, Two good reasons not to vote for him, third reason; Says he is running because there is no one to represent the conservatives in the Republican Party. Web Site gone

John Taylor Bowles- Socialist Party candidate only 50 years old supports the KKK, proudly displays Nazi flag at his web site. So if you are into that white power stuff, this guy is your man. Web Site gone

Jon Stewart is running a campaign, but the campaign he seems to be running is "Down with Republicans up with Al Gore" I don't see him taking any real advantage to his success, he remains a reporter at the side lines

Not to be forgotten

Tom Vilsack (IA)
--First Democrat to announce, first to bail out. Still he says thanks for the support and send him some money. Web Site gone

Mike Badnarik

Howard Dean
Steve Kubby
Matthew Klemmensen
Michael Halpin
Ralph Nadar
Gene Amondson
Jesse the Body Ventura
Mike Huckabee- A republican at only 52 is he old enough to join the good ole boys club? Does he add anything to this contest? You have to wonder about someone who goes from religion to politics...
In the first debate said that the abortion issue is like the slavery issue in the 1860's? I think the drug war is a much better comparison

Duncan Hunter -- Where did these guys come from? yet another Republican that says nothing. Duncan Hunter

Mitt Romney (MA) --A Republican only 60 years old, apparently this guy ran the Olympics one year, and now he wants to be president, says the illegal immigration is about undesirables stealing jobs from hard working Americans, jobs like mowing his lawn... He has recently changed his positions on abortion, gay rights and gun laws, of course these changes have nothing to do with his candidacy for President. It's obvious that the other Republican candidates don't like him, is it because he might be rich enough to buy the vote? Web Site- Mitt Romney

Sam Brownback (KS) -- Well he was at least invited to the Republican debates, I don't recall him saying anything of interest Web Site- Sam Brownback

David Koch at 46 has recently become politically aware, His first step in saving the world, running for President. Does anybody know who this guy is? I didn't think you could get more obscure than me. He is however a very interesting candidate, meaning he is saying the right things, a read through his positions is well like reading my page.
I will admit his web site is more organized and prettier than mine. I think David has had some good thoughts, it's just that they are same as the thoughts I had 12 years ago. I wish him luck in future endeavors, But this year it's my turn. Vote for me!
Web site gone

Mike Badnarik Running on the libertarian Party ticket, you know just what your getting, it's all in writing. He has just turned 54, not too old yet... and Washington could certainly use libertarian influence particularly in areas of civil rights, fiscal restraint, drugs policy. Not a wasted vote!

John Kerry Supporters
Kerry is too old . A Washington insider for 25 years, John Kerry is part of the Problem. He says he represents hope, we need a lot more than hope, we need to know things will get better. He could exploit his peacenik years, but brags about his military experience instead. We need an anti Bush not another war mongering Democratic Party clone of a Republican like Clinton was. Plus the man has had major surgery three times, including cancer. We all know that Cancer doesn't really go away, it just pauses and stress would raise risk factors. Presidency would be a death sentence for Kerry. The only things consistent in Kerry's Political life is that he changes his mind a lot and he votes and supports the actions of whom ever is president. Kerry is follower, not a leader, a lap dog puppet, just what the real powers want and need... Is what you want in a president?

Howard Dean was the Democratic party's best bet to beat Bush in 2004. But they were too divided to realize it. would he have support if he went independent? He's younger than most at 64, but he too would not answer the 2004 NPAT. In 2004 Howard earned his early lead in the polls by selling the traditional Democratic Party theme of the party of the people. So how then did Kerry end up in the drivers seat? Dean ran out of money and Kerry has the vast millions of the Heinz empire to fall back on... Once again the people have been betrayed by the big money. If you support Howard Dean Write him in.
If you think the entire system needs fixing, then vote for me.

Other Parties and Candidates

Steve Kubby Supporters I have met Steve once, he his highly intelligent, very personable, an unrelenting activist. A staunch supporter of Medical Marijuana, he is also a sick man. The presidency is a very stressful job and I believe that it would kill Steve very quickly. If you believe in Steve, vote for me and we can keep Steve around for a few more years!
Steve Kubby (CA) - - Web Site

Alden Link -- Alden Link Stands For:
Achieving Energy Independence, Respecting Personal Choice
Shrinking The Size Of Government, Defending America
Ending Illegal Immigration, Exploring The Universe, Fighting For Gay Rights
and REPEALING THE PATRIOT ACT. We certainly could (and will do worse)Web Site gone

Mike Pence - Web Site

Kat Swift -- Web Site

Davy Crockett --I met Davy once at a rally in Delaware he is intelligent, sort of happy go lucky sort of fellow. We have a great deal in common. If either of us makes any dent in the polls we should get together and run as a team.

Michael Elder -- Web Site

Cris Ericson -- Web Site gone

Charles Maxham --55 years, old no political experience mixed bag of political stances all the way from right to left or perhaps left to right depending on what you read first Web Site gone

Phillip Morrow (TX) - Web Site gone
Lanakila Washington (NY) -- Web Site gone -- The Humanistic Party

Matthew Klemmensen
Why not? Independent Party has some good ideas. Can he generate support?

Michael Halpin
70 plus ? Too Old

Ralph Nadar Ralph is too old now, he had his chances to run and he blew his chance to win in 2000 by saying two weeks before the election that he never expected to win. I support most everything Ralph did / does Vote for me

Gene Amondson Web Site Gene is old, too old, and is running with the prohibition Party. They believe that bringing back prohibition will solve all the country's woes. I know what happens when you take away the people's alcohol. Need we say more...

Jesse the body Ventura Jesse Ventura Perhaps 2008? Jesse will not commit to running unless he thinks he can win, look for him to tap a major party before we see his name on a ballot

Dr. Mark Klein -65 year old doctor is still testing the waters, that is accepting contributions. Wants to be a Republican Candidate, appears to be progressing slowly. Platform is to bring back the middle class by supporting the traditional family- Web Site gone

Project Goals
Get 60 million people to Write in Ronald Gascon as President
Best Bet for everyone is just write in vote for me. Ronald E. Gascon

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