Time for a revolution

The American citizens have been crying for change for over 50 years. It is obvious to even the most dimwitted that the system is broken beyond repair. Government has been infested, infected and over taken by corporate greed. Lawyers have written so many laws who sole purpose is to keep the status quo. The only thing government is accomplishing is it's continued existence. The people have been left out and left behind, so that vast greedy corporations can continue to enslave the American public, and the sole achievement is the gathering of all wealth by corporations and the few billionaires that really control them. It's time to realize that when six of the ten richest people in America have the same last name, there is a problem with the system. The basic problem is that economics have become nothing more than a game of monopoly, and only 400 people get to play. The problem with the game is that it never ends and those who profit from it have a never ending thirst for more money more property, more power. It's time to start a new game with new rules. How about we pass a law that makes retirement mandatory after you make your first billion dollars. Really people how much money does one person need in a lifetime? Most Americans will not see a million dollars income in there entire lives. What we now have is a economy and government both being controlled by the same people. The time for change has long past. It's time for a revolution, it's time for the people to take back control of government. The question is do we wait a couple more years, for the system to crash and make the American public go through another great depression?

after all, how bad could it get?
What can we do?

We could learn from our government, what did we do to the Iraqi people when we stormed their country to establish democracy?
They banned the then current ruling parties from participating in the new government.
The First thing we need to do is FIRE the Government and at the very least banish everyone who has been in control in the past from participating in the new government. It's truly time for out with the old in with the new. The most we could do is banish the Democrat and Republican Parties from our new government.

The second thing, we need to do is to acknowledge the value of the American citizens

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