When studying the political structure of the the United States a great deal of emphasis is placed on the checks and balances to keep branches of government from stepping on the rights of citizens. Does it really work?
In school we are taught that if we don't like the rules we can change them, it's our right and it's what sets us apart from the rest of the intolerant world.

The people have spoken and twenty states now have legal medical marijuana, yet we the people are being denied access to a medicine used for thousands of years, because every time the people vote for it, some branch of government takes it away. In California, dispensaries are still being raided by the DEA. In Michigan courts have upheld the firing of employees using medical marijuana. In Colorado, the state is trying to take away edible marijuana (The safest and most effective method of taking this medicine). In Massachusetts they just decriminalized small amounts for recreation use. Before the law even took effect, dozens of communities took it upon themselves to ban public use, ban at work, ban use in clubs, ban use everywhere except in your home, unless of course you have children, which will quickly be taken away from you if you choose to use marijuana or alcohol.

What ever happened to "WE the people" and a self governing nation? What happened to the pursuit of happiness? How could we lose our rights to a nasty discriminatory policy such as zero tolerance? How can we stand up and claim to the world have a free society, when millions of our citizens are routinely locked up for violations of laws they never voted for? How long will the people be lied to and denied the rights we claim to have? For over thirty years the people have been voting for change, yet hardly anything has changed since 1969. Why?
What can we do about it?

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