I was poised the question the other day,"Is the word Cracker offensive to you?"
My mind flashed back to the first time I was ever called a cracker. A non-cracker, who constantly played the race card at work was trying to push my buttons.
He said "Whast upp Cracker"
I said "not much whats up with yoy, Graham cracker" He laughed so hard that we became friends and those were our terms of endearment...
When are words like cracker, wigger, deemed offensive?
Carnegie Mellonís University lists 1300 plus offensive words, with everything from asshole to zipperhead, to not use in writing or when public speaking.
Now add our current internet twitter fueled news-casting, it only takes a slip of a word by anyone who has been properly labeled, and The Issue of the Day " explodes, someone used the word communist, someone used the "N" word and someone used the "F" word and someone said both at the same time, it's a national crisis, call msn, cnn, nbc, post it on Facebook, tweet to your hearts delight.

It used to be easy, you didn't use the "C" word in front of women, you didn't use the "N" word in front of blacks, you didn't used the "F" word in front of anyone older than you and none of them in front of grandma or clergy. Now the rules are so complicated, so many words, so many rules...

So what is with this ever increasing list where will it end?
Zero Tolerance demands that this problem must be solved.
The answer banning all nouns and adjectives, no more labels no more stereotypes, just people, oh can I say that I mean just humans or do we have to start saying naturally born beings from planet earth?

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