Most Dangerous shows on Television

I believe that shows like "Cops" and LAPD are the most dangerous shows on television. Why you ask? Because every show you see gangs of government enforcers violating the basic human and legal rights of citizens and it is presented as acceptable. When you see dozens of officers try to contain and arrest 100 suspects for possibly fighting. Bind there hands with zip ties and only charge 2 of 35 captured When I see them appear for a domestic disturbance and the women who standing on her porch smoking a cigarette tells them that they do not have permission to go in and they do anyway. When she tells them that the man there did nothing and they still arrest him. When they tackle beat a drunk guy only to find out he was the victim. They sick dogs on people whom they have no proof of committing a crime. When you see that someone who passes an alcohol test gets thrown to the ground and arrested for being on drugs because they just are not "acting right" When you see on every episode that doors are kicked in with no warrants every presented. What can I say it sickens me. What you see from this show is that in America we are all Guilty as soon as a cop decides he wants to arrest you for something. From what I know about the law I can't see how any of these citizens could be found guilty in a court of law. Yet I don't see how that helps their faces after being rubbed in the pavement.

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