Who says I can't win?

At the end of the last millennium, people were asking "Who is John Galt jr"
Now that they that know Ronald Gascon is John Galt jr, they want to know who Ronald Gascon is...
and Why should they vote for him?
Letters of support still frequent my email boxes...
Meanwhile on the home front friends colleagues and relatives, are asking "
What Do you expect to accomplish?"

You know I really enjoy a good debate on issues, but I am getting really disappointed in my fellow Americans as of late. "You can't run or you can't win because you are an atheist, agnostic, too short, a marxist, a communist, a separatist, a libertarian... the name calling goes on and one.
Well none of those thing are reasons why I can't run for president.

Qualifications for the Office of President

Age and Citizenship requirements - US Constitution, Article II, Section 1

No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.
Term limit amendment - US Constitution, Amendment XXII, Section 1 – ratified February 27, 1951
No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once.

There is a group of people who think, that if I want the Republican clowns out of office, I should throw in the towel already and just support the Democratic Candidate whom ever they finally decide upon. But then, who the hell wants the Democrats? To me it seems obvious that these poor brain washed souls just don't understand the beauty and workings of our election system.

So for them lets go over the basics of politics in America.

Common belief is that only a Democrat or Republican can win an election.
Truth: There are dozens of parties and any party can win any election.
The office of President of the USA has also been held by members of The Federalist Party, the Democratic Republican party, (yes they used to be one), and the Whig Party.

Common Belief is that we vote for the president
Truth is the popular vote don't mean squat, we vote for electors of the electoral college and they vote for for the president.

Common belief is that only the two major parties get represented at the electoral college.
Truth is that as many as 15 candidates have earned electoral votes in a single presidential election. Aside from the above mentioned parties, that the Independent Party, the anti Masonic Party, the American Party, the Constitutional Union Party, the Populist Party, the Progressive Party, the States Rights Party, the American Independent Party, and the Libertarian Party have earned electoral votes in a Presidential Election.

So to continue, When the electoral College votes, a candidate must receive at least half the votes to win or
the House of Representatives gets to vote on who will become the next President of the United States.
So why does the Electoral College even have to vote?
We all know who they pledged to vote for in advance?
The Electors don't have to vote for who they pledged, they can vote for anyone they want. Three times in our country's history, candidates have been given electoral votes by the college, who didn't receive any votes in the regular election.
This is the point where a third party candidate has power. A Candidate with a couple states worth of Electoral votes can ask his electors to vote for a different candidate or can get his electors to point out the advantage of throwing more votes toward the third party candidate, all it takes is a couple of promises on the right issues, and the third party candidate yields the power of deciding who gets elected or can force the issue to the House of Representatives. (this has happened only twice ever) This is why the TWO PARTIES don't want you to vote for "other Parties", Because then they lose control of the game.

In the 2000 election less than 50% of the population bothered to vote. If they had been mobilized the rest could have provided an upset victory Ralph Nader could have been president! Harry Browne could have been president! Hell I might have been president (Hold that thought) People need to realize that they can take control of government and to this end I am working. Most of the people don't vote because they see the futility of it, big government makes it's decisions without ever consulting the people they claim to be representing!
The plan of this campaign is get get those who would not usually vote, to get registered and to vote! The result should be that once and for all the politicians will know where the people stand, then they will have the choice to represent or get the hell out!!!

Why a Write In campaign?

The current democratic process in this country supports candidates
who already have power and money, I have neither ...

Over the past several decades, the coalition of the Republican and Democratic parties running our government has passed many unconstitutional laws requiring other political parties to jump though bigger hoops, to get more signatures to be on the ballots. They have excluded them from participating in primaries, They have covertly passed initiatives through during those primaries, they exclude third parties from debates and use the new media through the primary systems to get valuable air time for free. Funny part is some hundred years ago the Republican and Democratic party, like today were one and the same. The true democratic process was defeated many many years ago.

They have also passed laws that set up economic barriers, filing fees for the president are around $2000 (you pay by the page for all filing documents) Interestingly enough, as soon as you spend or collect $2000, you have to file more papers and pay more fee's. Me, I hate paper work and collecting signatures is hard work, (especially if you are in a national race).

Write in voting goes hand in hand with the democratic process. In the beginning ballot boxes were truly boxes. You wrote your vote on a piece of paper, and placed it in the box. After the election the votes were counted and a winner declared. Sometimes the winners of a race never even ran a campaign, this is where the term being drafted came from. You were called for duty by the people and were proud to serve.
A person can seek nomination and election without filing nomination papers to have their name printed as a candidate on the ballot by conducting a write-in or sticker campaign. By Law all ballots must have an area designated as a write-in space. This space allows a voter to physically write in the name of a person other than those names already printed on the ballot and thereby obtain a vote.
A “sticker campaign” is when a candidate provides voters with stickers containing the candidate’s name as registered to affix on the ballot in the area for write-ins. A voter need not use the sticker to have such vote counted for the sticker candidate. He or she can physically write in the name of that candidate.
So don't believe the Republicrats when they tell you that write in votes are a waste of time or not proper procedure. They are the basis of the democratic process and we should never forget that.
So what if a write in candidate has never won the presidential election, up until 2000, the Supreme Court had never decided who would be president.
On the other hand eight states have forbidden write in ballots for federal elections. What? Why?
You'll have to ask the State legislators in Hawaii, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma and South Dakota. Apparently they don't think their citizens smart enough to make informed decisions.
I will not be campaigning in any of those states. Don't need them anyway...

So can a write in still win in this land of electronic voting?

Abandoned by her own party, in 2010 Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski Wednesday became the first Senator in more than 50 years to win an election with a write-in campaign as she established an unassailable lead over conservative Tea Party movement favorite Joe Miller. Before that Ohio Congressman Charlie Wilson ran a successful write-in campaign in 2006 and Then there was this dude Strom Thurmond won his write-in bid in 1954 and ended up with the longest Senate career in History.


So who do I expect to support me? Obviously the occupy forces, the youth and the potheads and the tribes of earth people, the Indians, the hippies, the poor, the oppressed. How about the sick and dying who are denied their medicine? How about the grandmothers and grandfathers who are worried about the future of their heirs? What about the youth who realize their future is being sold to the corporate interests. Together, the people who don't normally vote, because they have no-one to support. About 110 million people voted in the year 2004 Election. Current US population is around 260 million, 50 million can't vote because they are too young or lost their right. That leaves 50 million people that could but don't vote. Those 50 million people are my target group, my hope my chance to steal the election away from the political know it alls who want you to waste your vote on the lesser of two evils.
You have to remember that it's all a game to begin with... Jesse the body had to face it in his race for Governor, But his was a problem of being on the ballot. He got to be the governor and still few know his real last name... Suppose "John Galt jr" did get the majority of the vote in a few states the electors would know that they were pledged to the man behind John Galt jr... In fact using this approach I could win the election without ever revealing who I actually am. The populous through the electorate could elect someone they have never seen or heard of...

Even if this election gets split three ways? Then the electorate would be more likely switch allegiances... (Remember, the electoral college doesn't have to vote for who they pledged for) So what if a unknown write in candidate got 30% percent of the vote? Wouldn't that send a message to the electorate? Just remember that the election is not over until the new president is sworn in...

A sneak attack at the polls! Is there a more bolder approach to take away the power from elite that stole it from us in the first place? Could this race end up being the biggest political sting ever? So what happens when a pissed off yuppie turned hippy incites the quiet peaceful people to go out and exercise their constitutionally granted right to vote? We'll see in November!!!

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