My Platform

First, before I get into my platform, I would like to address the topic of Party Platforms. Major party platforms are unbelievably long, they try to address all the issues making a common stand for all like thinking individuals. This is a foolish attempt, as we will never be one in any group larger than one's self. Everyone has their own personal slant on the issues as well as what the issues are at a given moment. Every person has a right to decide the decisions that effect their lives, you will not get this from a party platform or from voting for a "Party" candidate. You will not get it from passing more restrictive laws, tolerance is half of hope.

The Gascon for President platform revolves around four things: Peace, Freedom, Common Sense and Compromise. Personally I am Pro-Earth and Pro-Individual above all else. This tends to disqualify me from the standard Republican and Democratic Platforms. I would have to say I agree greatly with a lot of the Libertarian and Greens Platforms, but I would not swear allegiances to either at this time. Ross Perot once said something like "The Ideas are out there someone just has to use them". Therefore I will be quoting directly or indirectly from my opponents platforms on the issues which are most important to me, and therefore may pass over the issue so dear to you. If you don't think you have any issues, think again, read the platforms, look at the future being created for you with out your input...

My platform requires, basic changes in the way we allow government to direct and run our lives. During the first 100 years of this country's history, there were very few laws passed, most of them were replacement laws, that is to say adjustments to current policies. Starting in the late 1800's and accelerating to ridiculous numbers in current times, thousands and thousands of laws were added to the books. The result is we have a federal government being run by old men enforcing laws written by old men who died 60 or 80 years ago. We are living under a mass confusion of laws never voted on by the current electorate.

Thomas Jefferson has been quoted as saying " The greatest tyranny of all is the rule of the dead over the living" That is exactly what we have now and will continue to have if we keep electing old men to shape the future of our children.
The founding fathers believed that WE THE PEOPLE are smart enough to govern ourselves, to change and adjust things to a greater fairness as time passed. They believed in religious and cultural freedoms. They believed in "THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS" They believed in the separation of state and church, not a corrupt government legislating morality and "undesirable cultures" out of existence because the powers that be don't like the way a certain group acts or looks.

We are being pushed into such small sub-compartments, that no one gets any say. Do you know that people are legally being discriminated on the basis of hair style, life style, for having tattoos, for wearing beards for not being willing to sing happy birthday, or for not peeing in a cup on demand? This is just for minimum wage jobs!!!
The pursuit of happiness was important enough to mentioned by our forefathers, but for their ancestors, now it is nonexistent. We must take our government back from the self-centered, self motivated fools who are running it and our great country in to the ground. We must protect our Environment, personal freedoms and the economy. Some of the methods follow:

First we need New laws to limit the powers and scopes of corporate involvement in community and politics. Corporations are not people, they do not have the right to vote, so it follows that they shouldn't be allowed to influence politics. Huge bureaucratic corporations have bleed this country dry of it's small businesses. The individual businessman does't stand a chance against a giant corporation on any playing field from sales to advertising to legal battles. The result is almost always the squashing of the small business man. Time has proven that while a corporation becomes more streamlined while it grows at some point over time it loses it's edge on productivity. That is to say things wears out, things change, they pick up more six figure employees... the corporation who can't compete should bow out and make room for the next generation of new better ideas. I see no reason whatsoever why the government should continually bail out these companies through corporate welfare, handouts, low interest loans and tax credits while at the same time our government does little or nothing to support small business.

We need to be working towards self sufficiency at all levels of society, in order to reduce excess costs (and related pollution) of transporting merchandise from across the country or around the world. Yes this means communities growing their own food and supporting local business as a matter of principle. We don't even need a law to do this!

Tax increases on corporations and individuals that post earnings of more than $500,000.

Campaign reforms like described in Ralph Nadars "Concord Principles" the new democracy toolbox.

Re-Evaluation of credit practices pertaining to individuals. Regardless of what you are told, credit is all too easy to get in this country. The reason behind this it is highly profitable for the banks and credit card companies to fleece you for every cent possible. I would like to see legislation enacted that would forbid banks and institutions from charging more for an overdraft or credit extension, than the extension itself. Common practice by banks and credit card companies is if you over draw by as little as a few cents, you are assessed charges as high as $40. That is to say you over extend yourself by a dollar, and they charge you $40 for the privilege of using a dollar for as little as a day? and if it's a checking account, they will often send the check back for that dollar and deduct $40 from your account, taking the cash for themselves and leaving you far worse off than you were. Another way of fleecing the public is cash advance fees, and ATM charges. Using cash machines you can be charged anywhere from 5% to 15% to get money that is already yours, or to which you are entitled. This is on the spot charges in addition to the up to 27% interest that some of these easy credit companies charge. What ever happened to usury? All these fees are non-refundable, even if you pay the money back, the next or even same day!!!

Re-evaluation of the education systems and their financing. The public education system in this country is in shambles. High school students are graduating,with little or no practical knowledge of math, english or job related skills. College students often know less upon graduation, than did their counterparts of 30 or 40 years ago, when leaving high school. Test the theory yourself, a high percentage of College graduates can't even make change for a dollar with out using a calculator. Is this what we deserve for $100,000 education?

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