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When I started this Zine "wannabee" it was to point out news items that backed some of the points I am trying to make here. Points like How our students are being treated in school and how our brethren are being treated on the streets and campuses as well as in the jails. How the police are abusing all citizens, including senior citizens, handicapped and even children, all "To Protect Us from ourselves?". How corrupt officials are playing on both teams in the war... How politicians are using us and giving nothing in return... What I learned is that there are thousands and thousands of these news items to choose from. Pick up your city newspaper, any major city and see what is happening today, everyday. Point being that I would need 1,000,000,000,000K to store it and a staff to compile it. therefore I offer an archive of some of the stories that caught my eye, there is a lot of good clips here.. Referendums 2000
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~... John Galt Jr.
John talks about the war on drugs
The Journey
Top reasons to vote for John Galt Jr.
News Stories
~~~ protests in State College

~~~ Drugs in America (news) The Pharmacist and RU485 Religion and medicine collide **** ... 6/97- Farmers for Pot
Getting grandma Busted ~~~
~~~ ~~~ Earth News and environmental links
DEA Sprays America with poisons
What about the water? ~~~
~~~ How does it feel ? "The Truth about Marijuana" by Darkside
~~ Special Report on Waco ~~
John Banters with...
~~ Earth and environmental editorials
~~ Doctor Tom says ~ All discussions of drugs and drug policy ultimately have to deal with the
ubiquitous "evil drug" paradigm. This idea has become a virtual demon
tormenting the cause of drug reform - it's a protean demon because it
assumes so many forms and intrudes itself into the debate in so many unexpected ways.
~ Letter to Bill (Clinton) on FDA new cigarette policy
~ Letter 2 to Bill Re: Aids speech by Darkside
~ Circumcision by Darkside
~ Nazism

~ Online humor ~~
~~~ Bizzare Zine of the absurd ~~~

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