Why I am not President

Why I am not President

The simple answer is failure of the promise of free speech on the internet. What?
They tell you that anything you put out on the internet stays forever, well it's just another big lie.
It only stays there if you are very famous or doing or saying something incredibility stupid. What do I know about it?
Well I was famous on the internet a couple of times and today practically non-existent.

When I first discovered the Internet in 1995, I thought now here is a platform for free speech, that will help me greatly when I run for president!

After a very brief time on compuserve, I found the aol kool-aid, they offered a platform to get my word out and their searchable profiles, made it really easy to discover peoples of the same thinking. I wrote and posted a speech I had given in Bellefonte Pa. and called it the dangers of marijuana! After reading an article about how the google search engine worked, I also started a link exchange and posted my writings as "Feel free to copy and distribute". By October of 1996, I had over 10,000 "friends" and the dangers of Marijuana was reposted on over a thousand sites, mostly those hosted by AOL. In Mid October, of 96 Aol shut down my website (Two weeks before the election)"because I was sending too many emails (Not a single complaint, but I was exceeding, some arbitrary amount of email). I threaten to sue, pointing out that they were interfering with a federal election. The site was restored after about eight days but but obviously I lost the election.

In June of 1998, my Web site made #1 on the Hightimes 100 list. After the issue came out I was getting as any as 8000 hits per day. Aol contacted me and said what ever you are doing to promote this site cease and desist or they would close it down as my hits were slowing down the server. Again I threaten to sue, pointing out that they were interfering with a federal election. They backed down and I was definitely famous on the internet.

By October of 2000 my friends had grown to 80,000 Aol again shut me down, for sending too many emails, saying there was no possible way for 80,000 people to know me and or want email from me. We repeated the dance of threatening to sue and after a week or so the site was restored, but again I lost the election.

At this point I began to set up Mirror Free sites at places like geocities, hotmail and xoom.com all were quickly removed for violations of terms with out any notice...

October 2004, aol again shut down my site, because of content discussing and relating to Marijuana and drugs.
I Screamed that I had Free speech rights and and was completely willing to take the issue all the way to the Supreme Court. The site came back, but again it was shut down for a period of time just before the election.

Seeing a clear pattern I turned to sites like HUBpages, Facebook. Hub Pages Banned me for life after 4 posts, Facebook suspending me for Adding too many friends on my first day, because I uploaded my 80,000 aol friends with their application. Facebook stuck it out although occasionally "suspending my access for various reasons" I survived Facebook, I think only because they don't want to shut down any sites, so they can collect personal information from the whole world.

Which brings us to October 12 of 2008. A newcomer to the election Barrack Obama.
He stole half my issues, most of my supporters and my campaign slogan "it's time to change the game!" Google searches showed well over 20,000 links pointed to my site and then aol dropped the bomb. Effective in two weeks Aol would shut down it's homepages forever. 3000 files with little or no back ups, and I needed to find a server and repost everything, two weeks before the election. All the links to aol hometown, re-directed to Aol Advertisments.
At this point I found 50 megs and moved my site to their server losing about 500 files in the move. But I had a new permanent home or did I?

October of 2012. 50 megs.com notified me that that I had violated terms of service and had been shut down permanently. I contacted to ask why, they said I violated terms of service. How so I inquired? By posting a link to a site that sold "fresh urine" for drug tests. I asked what terms of service this violated, they declined to tell me but said they would restore my site, if I removed the link, which I did but still my site was down for two weeks just before the election.

Around the same Time I discovered Sodahead, and began to campaign there bring my words to their 3.1 million sodaheads. I quickly became a popular writer and collected thousands of new friends. My campaign there was to answer any question poised to me and over two years answered on the record twenty two thousand questions. Sodahead was my platform to the presidency? It was until I was Permanently suspended. Then Sodahead changed their platform to multiple choice questions with no commentary and closed access to all that had ever been written there. Two years of thoughts and commentary, and real discussion with sodaheads gone in a blink of an eye with no notice given. All the links to those writings, re-directed to Sodahead Advertisment.

In 2016 Friends and supporters told me it would be my year, I had my doubts but expanded my campaign to u-tube and to Quora.com"
It was the first election in 20 years that my web site was not shut down, likely because I was only getting 200 hits per day...
My remaining supporters ran off to support Bernie Saunders, who ran basically on the same exact platform I had presented for twenty years. what I don't understand is why the American people can here the same words from a different mouth and go gaga over what they have rejected for years. I told everyone that Bernie was just a Democratic party distraction to make you believe that the Democratic party embraces ideas that they will never support.

The people were greatly disappointing, "Why support me when they could have Bernie?" Not one of the emails I received during the campaign mentioned policy, ideas or support, Everybody chose to comment and complain about the fonts and background colors. The dumbing down of America is complete, and a paranoid buffoon named Trump was elected President of the United States of America.

After a month after the election I was shocked that my website continued to get 150 hits per day?

Then Jan 1st 2017 50 megs tells me they are moving my site to a different domain and now every link on the internet, every bookmark on every computer in the world becomes invalid and are now pointed instead to an advertisement for 50megs.com offering to sell the domain, that they just took away from me for no cause what so ever.

Currently, I am still a most viewed writer at quora with 102,600 hits and an additional 7,600 hits per month and have a new website at webstation19.itgo.com getting 2 - 3 hits per day...

So after traveling the country campaigning four times, speaking at hundreds of events in front of groups of 50 - 20,000 people, campaigning at hundreds of festivals, parking areas and walmart Parking lots.
Answering 25 thousand question and literally millions of hits at my website...
Not to mention but I will, organizing and promoting over twenty Festivals
Then I discovered that there had been a file about me on Wiki-pedia, but it has been removed because the editors at Wiki say they haven't ever heard of me...
So I now believe that the information on the internet will exist until someone decides to wipe your server when you get too many hits...
months into 2017 and I'm getting 2000 hits per week on my Quora articles. But it's Just a matter of time before Quora erases my work as well.

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