Justice served?

I have noticed that , America is busy celebrating our newest patriotic holiday 9/11. This one is going to be a season in no time. Traveling memorials, parades, fireworks exploding as America celebrates, being flat broke after paying a trillion dollars, to hunt down, those whom we cast blame upon.

Me I find myself thinking about Grover T Croslin, how is he being remembered?
Who is Grover T Croslin? Ten Years ago, On 9/3/2001, a Michigan patriot refused to answer his door, to be served a warrant for refusing to come to court.

Around a 120 armed police surrounded his property to arrest him. Stories vary even though Law enforcement were the only persons present. Bottom line it was a 22 rifle against 120 cops, including FBI snipers. in the end, the man Grover Thomas Croslin, died from five shots in the head, he fired no shots at the police. The story barely made mention in the news.

Hightimes and Playboy did articles about this sad end of loved man, a book was written about . Rainbow Farms Campground.
I have to wonder was justice served? Who will be remembered and why?

On 5/1/2011 Osamba Bin Ladin Was finally found living in his home in Pakistan, where he apparently was the entire time, laughing his ass off even as he was executed, because it cost the American tax payers a trillion dollars to win it's first war against a person.
And the Americans celebrated, the end of this evil man who wasn't even powerful enough to have his own country. The press rallied, every newspaper, every news show for weeks, the internet all a buzz. We will remember the day, when navy seals broke into a mans home and executed him. Justice was served?

Now there are plenty of people who would say these two stories have little or nothing in common. What is in common is both men spoke out against Uncle Sam and both died for their beliefs... I see it as two instances of a Government out of control eliminating it's political foes by serving justice from the point of a gun.
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