What can you do to support the cause?

If you believe as I do that the Individual should make up his own mind as to smoke marijuana or not, then make a tiny investment in the cause. Make 20 copies of M.A.M.P. and send a copy to The President at the White House, another to the vice president. Send a copy to your State Representative and your Congressman and Senator. Send a copy to your local newspaper and hand the rest out to your interested friends so they can do their part as well. If you're brave sign them, if you're paranoid explain why you didn't sign it...

This War is being fought on many fronts. Some support re-legalization, some decriminalization, some medicalization. Seek and you will find the position you support. M.A.M.P. is a good compromise for most interested parties (Except those to the extreme right or left ) There are factions who support the repeal of the Marijuana tax act of 1937, this was the beginning, but if you read it, you will find it is just a tax act, to generate revenue. How did it turn into a war? A small provision in the act gave sole discretion to one single man to decide how to perceive the enforcement of the act... Director of the Bureau of Narcotics, now called the DEA. This fellow named Anslinger went on to draft a sixty page article which was presented and approved by about forty states, therefore becoming law...One man and plus those who supported him, not Congress, not the President, not the people...
Email President

What else???

I am proud and happy to hear that copies of M.A.M.P. are circulating on major campuses !!! and at rallies all over the country !!!
But some people have been asking me what is the point? I handed copies out to my friends, who of course agree with all your points, some laughed, some said great idea, but how does this change anything?
The truth is that it doesn't change anything, If we want change we have to send copies to our Governors, our Congressmen, our State Representatives. Let the government know how we feel! When the governor of your state gets a 100,000 copies this year he or she might just start to think about how this will effect their next election. I personally make it a point to send a copy to the Whitehouse at least once a week. All you get back is an automated response telling you the the president is given a sampling of the email each week. We all know the president is too busy to figure out how to do email!!!

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There are also a small but growing number of factions like the Green Panthers which support the secession of Pro-Hemp States or the dissolution of the USA as only recourse.
I hope it doesn't come to this, civil wars can be so messy, but I guess it was the Feds who first declared this the War on Drugs??

War on Marijuana

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