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What can users do to protect themselves from the WAR on drugs

Paranoia is the key to freedom in the war against marijuana. To protect your freedom buy local, deal with someone you know. Buying better weed and in quantities will reduce the chances of being busted. Close your circle of connections... Do not buy from or sell to strangers under any circumstances... Do not make any new connections until the war is over. Do not smoke in public places, your home is the safest spot to pursue happiness... Grow your own ... Save your seeds then plant them. Even if you never return they deserve to grow. Restoring hemp to nature will help in so many ways...

To protect your health ... Smoking with water pipes is the least harmfully way to get high, unless of course you ingest. Also the new vaporizers are supposed to be real good.

To protect your assets from forfeiture... Don't have any. A $30,000 car will get "confiscated" much faster than a $500 one. They don't like old broken down house trailers but they love to take 100 acre ranches... You can't be a go getter and a pothead unless you want to give your hard work to the narcs.

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Attend Protests !!!
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M.A.M.P (Minimum Acceptable Marijuana Policies)
~~ Vote change in 2016~~~
~~~ Vote Gascon in 2016~~~
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