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Speeches at the gate
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I stopped writing speeches some time ago because I can't stick to the script, everything is uncensored and off the top of my head. So if you want to know what I'm saying come on out and hear me. In the meanwhile selected recorded speeches below.

Since 1995 I have been running the longest Presidential campaign in our history.
It started on the internet but spilled over to Festivals, protests, and long road trips around the country. 37 states so far...

Although I have seen many cameras pointed my way, few of them have made it to the web.

However, My first Public speech was recorded

May 7 1998 my speech in front of the famous Penn State front Gate... The last Campaign 2016 Videos

John Galt jr's speech at...
2016 Harvestfest
10/11/03 Harvest Festival Afton NY
6/16/2000 Central Pa Festival of the Arts

6/19/99 Summer Solstice Hemp Happening
6/18/99 Summer Solstice Hemp Happening
4/3/99 Ann Arbor Hash Bash

9/26/98 Cannabis Festiva PSU Campus
9/6/98 Roach Roast 98 last speech...
9/5/98 Roach Roast 98 Vandelia Michigan
9/4/98 Roach Roast 98 Vandelia Michigan
8/16/98 Colorado Hempfest
7/9/98 and 7/11/98 Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts
7/10/98 and 7/11/98 Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts
7/12/98 Closing speech Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts
6/8/98 Bellefonte Pa Civil War Memorial

5/7/98 State College Pa at the PSU gate
5/21/98 State College Pa at the PSU gate
5/28/98 State College Pa at the PSU gate

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