Top Ten reasons to
Keep Coming back to
Web Station #19

10) The creator is a friend.

9) My poetry is published there.

8) Pretty Pot Pix.

7) Well researched, non-statistical information.

6) Developing a following.

5) Thrills! (M.A.M.P.) Chills! (news articles) and

4) Excitement! A different kind of campaign.

3) Attitude!!! Big Brother is watching..stare back, he hates that!

2) Who is John Galt Jr. ?

1) It has links to High Times (and eight hundred other great places!)

Top Ten Reasons
to vote for
Ronald E. Gascon
John Galt Jr
for President in 2016

John Galt jr

random links transporting dazed and confused free range arachnids to insane asylums since MVM

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