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One day when I was much much younger I saw a bumper sticker that said "Question Everything",
being as I was already doing so I took it to heart as a life long past time.
So I have spent the last 35 years questioning everything and
I have created this page to share what I have learned...
So this is my place in cyberspace,
It's a place where I dream of a reality, where peace and tolerance are allowed to exist.

A place safe from violent criminals, as well as the prying eyes of big mother.
Read onward and think about what is really happening in our country.
You may find, insightful knowledge, sarcasm and humor.
You may find grammar errors, you may find hope
You may find it interesting, you may find it offensive,
but most important of all you have found it...
read on for "The truth and nothing but the absolute truth?"
or just skip to the bottom for the answer...

John Galt Jr. Rant's about....


John's take on Healthcare
Banned on Hub Pages
Occupy Ginrich
Save the Post Office
Justice and a tale of two men
Obama's Biggest Mistakes, so far
Squashing change the American way
where does corruption come from?
homeless again
State of the economy
What happened to our economy
The American Dream Dead or alive?>
What is wrong with corporate America
Can prejudice direct your life? (A portrait of three women)
Top 10 Reasons to vote for Ron / John in 2016?
THE JOB HUNT *** One Big Fixx
My first Protest*** What Education?
* The Purpose of Man *
When are you an adult?
~ Economic Traps Pennies?
Doctors, knives, pain and agony
~ Wealth, not what it used to be
~ Walmart buys the US mint? ~
~ Global Warming and the Green house effect AKA Global Climate Change
Aesthetics * What is really Important? ~~
~ Personal Economics * The value of Money

Some Thoughts on Sex and Pornography

Menaces of the Highway
Referendums for 2016~
Litter and Roadside signs
God as I Understand Her
Most Dangerous show on TV
M.A.M.P. (Minimum Acceptable Marijuana Policy)
Persecution in America?
Prejudices and Discrimination In America?
What's up with our teens?
Free Advice
Hotels Motels and Campgrounds
Worse commercial on TV
Journal of Hemp Tour 98
My day as a Taxi Driver
Where's the Ron/jon? ~~
~~ My Vans
Am I Crazy? ~~

Who is John Galt jr. ?
John Does the mail *

The truth and nothing but the absolute truth?

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