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For the past couple of years, I have been mostly offline without a computer. I call it homeless (don't own no property don't pay no rent) so I have been writing and publishing at public libraries and the occasional computer of a friend or relative. I found a place to stay for the winter, a friend gave me an old computer. I replaced the modem and but now, I am back and perhaps with a little too much time on my hands?

So I Joined Facebook, I don't like it, got suspended for using their app on my mailbox...
So I joined Hub pages, and in the first week, I posted these three
Occupy Ginrich
Justice and the tale of two men
and "the Dangers of Marijuana".

I was banned for life and deleted after only four posts, for recycling my ideas... So being bored I went to checkout sodahead.com and answered 22000 questions and eventually banned
Other than that...
Do Statistics equal facts?
Restarting the economy after the crash
Is Obama an evil genius
Can prejudice direct your life? (A portrait of three women)
The candidate takes on Health Care
Is anyone else wondering what we are getting from the multi-trillion dollar war on terror?
Save the Post Office
What is the legacy of the Iraq war?
Time for a Revolution
Fire The government
The Goodwill Bill
State of the economy
What is wrong with corporate America
The future 2012 and beyond
What to do about American gas prices?
Obama's Biggest Mistakes, so far
What happened to our economy
The American Dream Dead or alive?

During the past 15 years I always paid my aol bill first every month to assure Web Station # 19
could continue to survive, even in such times that I had no computer or internet connection.
So this "new" old computer has an 3.5 disk drive, and so I decided to see what backup files I still have, that were presumed lost during the big move, when suddenly AOL Stops Hosting Web Pages!!! When I was forced to try to move 1500 files in three weeks, I rescued a mere 850 pages.
It turns out I wasn't as good at making backups as I thought but; Now with my new found disk drive and a ten year old digital camera, Web Page #19 continues to grow and rise from the ashes at the same time.
Rising from the ashes
Web Station #19 Art Gallery,
I salvaged about half and added a bunch of new stuff!!!
My old personal Web Page,
My Family photo album,
Web Station #19 The Clinton years 1992 - 2000

Web Station # 19 was in the Hightimes 100 list for 36 months straight. You guys did it, it is obvious that somebody was voting for us and you as frequent visitors are the most likely. Thank You

Something to think about, it takes less effort to vote,
than it does to keep Web Station # 19 on the hightimes 100 list...
Please do your part and vote in every election...

Looking for good places to start or dig deeper into this hopeful world from an alternate reality? I would suggest checking The Index pages, Johns Page, News digest, and protest reports for most frequent updates. I would also suggest just looking around a little more... There are over 3000 htm files to peruse here, I am sure you haven't seen them all... When you get bored of my ramblings check out, Darkside's Hideaway or some of the over 1000 offsite links for a quality surf. Keeping in mind that I try to check them often and Most of the links are here only, because I thought they had some redeeming values so they aren't being presorted the way search engines do....
As far as new stuff at this minute, most of my brain is spread out before you, but I am working hard on the next Presidential campaign
If there is something that you feel I missed, write to me, ask me, John Galt Jr.

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