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~ NEWEST John banters with a Republican Sodahead
Nazi Nuker says... You and your kind disgust me. It's people like you who make people like me ashamed to be American. God forbid one of you psychos ever gets into a political office in this or any country. We would be invaded by the Canadians for Christ's sake!

~ Wyld says... There is no doubt of your creativity and verbal charisma, however, I take issue with the anonymity of your cause. With an issue is of great import, i.e. presidency, it is laughable that you would take that stance.

Ms. Smith says "I am fighting HARD to legalize Hemp as a renewable energy source & people like you make it hard for me to do so. So light up your joint but blow the smoke up your a**"
Ed takes on John the Stock Market issues and some MacroEconomics

An angry Mother says "The future of everyone will be much better if you fucking drug addicts disappear;"

~ Wm says... I appreciate the candor and bravery in your views. Although I do believe in your suppositions, I do not agree with your viewpoint, or it's summation. I understand that politicians create politics, not solutions, . The implied acceptance of drugs (including any and every mind or mood altering substance ingested for recreational purposes) in our society is just another method of the "Dumbing Down of America". At a time when we should be sharpening our wits, we are numbing the few faculties of ours that work.

~ Al Says... You should not encourage people to vote or participate in any way in the "group think" of participatory democracy. All means of group decision making can be summed up by the analogy "Democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner."

~ Lbk says... The viewpoints and attitudes of the sort found at your website are really the cause of most of the confusion and lack of self control exhibited by many in our nation today...P> ~ JP says... Campaign spending limits are an unconstitutional restriction of free speech. Of course, this wouldn't be a problem if the Supreme Court would declare 80% of government spending unconstitutional.

~ More Editorials

Page 1 Always the newest freshest stuff
Page 2 stoners don't get to the voting booths as often as they should
Page 3 John, have you gone to jail yet fighting against this drug war?
Page 4 extremist is someone who favors nuking NYC as population control.
Page 5 never trust anyone that's unwilling to expose themselves publicly.
Page 6 revolution is essential to human survival.
Page 7 Drug use is a personal choice taken away by unconstitutional laws.
Page 8 The government cannot defend their own policies with accurate information.
Page 9most cops do not follow the letter of the law

Page 10 I don't believe in capital punishment I believe in self defense.
Page 11 Who is John Galt jr?
Page 12 They also they make me go to A.A. and I don't even drink.
Page 12b Commentaries
Page 14 The traps you speak of, are all entered into by free will...
Page 15 Do you know how long marijuana stays in your system?
Page 16 John Galt jr. Banters with...
Page 17 Are you just another political smoke blower?
Page 18 We have only one tool of survival, the capacity to reason.
Page 19 suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
Page 21 I was peacefully demonstrating my right to protest in Seattle.
Page 22 Having the government invest in the market is stupid,
Page 23 invaded by the Canadians for Christ's sake!
Page 24 I take issue with the anonymity of your cause.
Page 25 blow the smoke up your ass"
Page 26 the Stock Market issues and MacroEconomics
Page 27 future will be better if you drug addicts disappear

Page 28 You should not encourage people to vote
Page 29 Your viewpoints are really the cause of the confusion
Page 30 Campaign spending limits are an unconstitutional
Page 31
Teach about the right to stand up to legalistic oppression.

Page 34 Pieman says "It makes no sense to blame 20 million pot heads for hard drugs
Page 36 Dan Baum says Drug policy shrinks from Cabinet-level jihad to sideshow.
Page 37 Prohibition is a "mindset", which is essential a form of "hatred"
Page 38 I am not advocating the recreational use of drugs of any sort.
Page 39 Eric Schlosser ~ Marijuana gives rise to insanity

Page 40 Jay Lindberg addresses the Economics of the drug war
Page 41 Doctor Tom Discussions of drugs have to deal with the ubiquitous evil drug paradigm.
Page 42 Let's eat pot!
Page 43 Legalize marijuana! End the Drug War! Keep all other drugs illegal!
Page 44 Don't contribute to any legal defense fund, don't pay anyone's bail.
Page 45 If we kept even partial prohibition, we would still be jailing people
Page 46 Tactics currently employed increase the profits involved in dealing drugs.
Page 47 Letter to Bill (Clinton) on FDA cigarette policy
Page 48 Why Drugs should be legal in under 475 words
Page 49 The media are cowards! If the media fulfilled their obligation to a free society,

Page 50 Marijuana for migraines
Page 51 Congress you are FIRED
Page 52 A message from outer space?
A letter from a judge on Medical Marijuana"

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