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Welcome to Web Station #19!!!
Serving free speech for 20 years

We are located at the crossroads of the past and the future, with our focus and plans deeply entrenched in the uncertain present.
While life becomes more puzzling in each passing day, our location directly above the center of the Earth gives us an unique opportunity to reach out quietly and far into the stretches of cyberspace. Step in and be transported, we have the magic, if you got the time... For twenty years, hundreds of thousands cyber experiences have begun with those words,
During that time some 3000 files, ended up being posted here,
It is what it is, my place in cyberspace,
a place where we dream of a reality, where peace and tolerance exist.

A place safe from violent criminals as well as the prying eyes of big mother
Read onward and think about what is really happening in our world, feel free to hang out a while.

Peace Freedom and Tolerance
Ron / jon
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This site is 100% curiosity driven follow your mind (and the links) Enjoy your visit!

Very Important Stuff

Absurd or Ridiculous?
What's up with Drug Testing?
Police beyond brutality?

should marijuana users be treated the same as Alcohol users?
Forced Blood Draws and worse
Killed by the police?
Is anyone else wondering what we are getting from
the multi-trillion dollar war on terror?

** Bill O Rights lite **
The American Dream Dead or alive?

OLD Stuff

120 years ago, in America all drugs were legal
85 years ago America tried prohibition.
77 years ago eleven men behind closed doors made Marijuana illegal
Every Year a million Americans go to jail on Marijuana related Charges,
1000 people a day are charged with public possession in NY City alone.
Peanuts have been added to the list of things more dangerous than Pot

The Best Stuff

Yesterdays News
The journey
Pictorial Tribute to Rainbow Farm
State College Protests The Newest Stuff???

What about Trump?

lifestyles of the poor and infamous

A salute to Music

In the beginning, Web Station #19 had very few graphics, because of space constraints and upload times.
But that was then and this is now, about half the files stored here are pictures and images take a minute and enjoy.

*Secret Gardens*
** John's Banters **
The Real Dangers of Marijuana
Minimum Acceptable Marijuana Policy
Tracking of most popular Web Station #19 pages

Puzzling Destinations AKA The rest
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Peace and Freedom and Tolerance

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