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The war on drugs is on American's minds. It affects the budget, our basic rights, even our personal freedom. Do you know that there are over a million Americans doing time for non-violent marijuana related crimes in the USA? Americans are losing this war, it's time to fight for our birthright, do something now or you may be the next casualty of the war on drugs. (You don't even have to involved with drugs to become a casualty) In addition to the drug issue I tackle every issue that is tearing this country apart. The economy, the environment, even the State of politics as a whole, all is fair and much needs changing...

John Galt Jr. Rant's about the drug war...

Referendums for 2016
True Drug Reform Policy
The Real Dangers of Marijuana
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War in America? ~ Marijuana and Pain
open Letter to fellow protesters and freedom fighters
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Marijuana and Hemp links ~ Most Dangerous shows on TV
~ M.A.M.P. (Minimum Acceptable Marijuana Policy) ~
John Galt Jr. "the most protesting man in America?"
~ Does Medicalization lead to Legalization?~
Norml just what do they do anyway?~
~ Marijuana and the Media~
What about D. A. R. E. ?

The John Galt jr. Speeches at the gate

There were some suggestions that I am not or no longer an activist "because I sold out, by doing the SShh Festivals? My answer is that you need to make money to sell out, no SShh festival had a profit, they did however provide a continuing outlet for my activist views, while other promoters, when faced with the Rave and Patriot acts ran scared and stayed away from political issues.

18 years ago I was asked how long I planned on being an activist, I answered ten years. Asked the same question today I would have to say I will be an activist as long as Tom remains dead, I will continue the fight for our rights. Out there or in here I will continue the fight...

As long as I maintain this site and drive the activist van, I will be an activist every minute, everyday and to those who disagree with what I do, without you I would have no one to argue with...



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Free rights of distribution of the materials here, is hereby granted as long as distribution is not out of context and released in full content on a page to page basis.

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