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NEWS NOTES 2000- 2009

04/24/2009 Top Ten successful Potheads

4/20/09 First pro-pot commercial aried on TV!

American Dream dead or Alive?

May 2009 Zogby Poll: Majority support legalization

JUNE 3 2009 another activist born, student smokes marijuana in class as part of his presentation

What about Afghanistan?

Eleven States Just say no to Obama
The answer Fire the government !!!

07/04/2009 Obama faced with thousands of Protesters at his front door tips the scale slightly towards medical Marijuana

What they think across the pond

feb 2008 Obama on ganja, two mouths one face

The Death of Common Sense

Campground Owner Executed by FBI

You can't go home again!!!
Forfeiture as Enterprise ?

A quiz from Steve Kubby

Amesty International say's US in top human rights violations

Politics and the Jesse factor

Presidential election coverage 2008
Wealth it ain't what it used to be

Our special selections..
Bill O' Rights Lite

A war like no other war

Signs of the times
Earth News and environmental links
How does it feel ? "The Truth about Marijuana" by Darkside
September 2001 WetLands Club Closed

Bush Bashing
Bush Era Editoons
To Serve
and protect

Fiction or Prediction?
5/21/12 President Obama Postpones Election

Public Speeches

Editorials, Commentaries, and Banters
Letters on Migraines and Cannabis
Earth and environmental editorials

Never trust a man named Squirrel A story of entrapment
The Clinton Years 1992-2000
Bizarre Archive of the absurd
Spiders on Drugs

Amish and Pagan drug gangs? What's next?
12/13/2003 Saddam Caught just in time
State College's First riot Here First!!!

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